" To let love into your heart, is as if to let magic into your soul"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chapter Seventeen

       "Leave all that rubbish, I just want my damn cupcake," hissed Kallista. The elegant plates of assorted foods flew away from her, and the man serving her clenched his jaw and handed her the cupcake. She started licking off the icing, and looked at the ceiling thoughtfully.
"So. I asked you to get a girl. Was that so hard, Lucium? No, it was not. She is not strong yet, and she was not protected. Now, because of your blunder, she is protected. Yet, she is not protected well. A group of teenagers. They were not particularly powerful, yet now they are. Do you know why, Lucium?"
       Lucium clenched his fists, and spat out,"No."
       Kallista smiled, and Lucium stiffened. She spoke gently,"I think you do, Lucium. I think you know that anyone mortal will be affected by the girl's raw power. They have all been affected, and they will all be graced with magic. There is no turning back now. So now, now that your idiocy has reached new heights, we start from square A. We need to untangle her from the groups protective grasp on her, and now we need to preserve the group, also. Do you know how hard that will be, Lucium?" The man stayed quiet. "I said, do you know how hard?!"
         The man arched his back and screamed, and all the while Kallista sat back in her chair, eating her cupcake. She kept her eyes trained on his face, and blinked. He straightened up, breathing heavily. She smiled again,"That hurt, didn't it? Unless you want that to happen to you again, I suggest you find a way to the girl, and her silly little group. Before anyone else does, mind you."
          They all sat around Ivory, watching her grimace and flex her hands. I jumped as vines shot through the ground, and Eziekiel chuckled at my attempts to stop the jumping, and I glared at him. He sobered quickly and the corners of his mouth twitched up in an effort stifle the grin. Savannah had been watching us most of the time, and it made her smile when I laughed with Eziekiel.
            So now they had three magicians in the household, if you could call it a household, and Simon was fitting in wonderfully with the group. I watched him joke around with the Twins, and smile faintly at Jason's sly remarks, and nod along with Savannah. Even Eziekiel laughed with him, but most of my time was spent watching Eziekiel, and feeling the way my heart thudded against my ribs when he smiled at me. But know his attention was not focused on me, but focused on Ivory. She was breathing deeply, and squinting her eyes. I watched closer, and blinked as plants crashed through the floor, but didn't retract immediately. They wrapped around everyone's ankles, and more shot through and wrapped around their wrists. I tried to pull one off, and it tightened and more twisted up my arm. Ivory's eyes snapped open again, and the plants slunk back into the ground, leaving the floor somehow un-blemished.
              Simon's voice shot out, and he whispered,"That is so cool." Ivory cracked a smile, and for a while, everyone seemed happy. That was, until  a pounding sounded from the outside of the clock.
              Everyone froze rather suddenly, and they heard a voice yell out,"Find a way in!" The next moment, there was a clatter, and they all knew the tile had sunk in and fell to the floor. It wouldn't be long before they broke through. I wondered briefly if it was snowing outside, for the noises of dripping could be heard. But my thoughts were broken sharply as Eziekiel grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from the couch. The group followed us, and Savannah called out,"Do they want her?" Eziekiel snarled,"Of course they do." I let myself be pulled to down a hallway I had never been through, and into a small hole in the wall. Savannah squeaked,"Oh! It's about to snow out there! Ill get jackets!" Eziekiel gave her a pleading look, and she whipped out of the room. He started ripping away other tiles, and stacking them in a pile. Jason kneeled down and helped him, and soon they had a hole that they cold all fit through, and Savannah was back.
                   I accepted the jacket, and numbly slipped it on. It was fuzzy and think and warm, and it made me sweat. But when Eziekiel pushed me quietly through the hole, I gasped from the burst of freezing wind that greeted me. Once we were all out, Eziekiel creeped to the other side to make sure there were no people, and reached back and plucked my wrist into his hand again. We all ran to he van, and as we were about to reach it, a voice called out,"Oi! There they are!" Eziekiel growled,"Damn." And threw me into the side of the van, and they all jumped in with a scurry. A couple men reached the windows, but Eziekiel stomped on the gas, and they roared forward.


Well. I have some news. Is it good news? For me. For you? Not so much.
          I have made the random yet helpful decision that third-person, is not how this story should be written in. So, it will from this moment on be written in first-person. That's just how it was destined to be made. So...Er. Blame destiny.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Chapter Sixteen

                   He watched Vanessa speak, her eyes closed. He could tell it was against her better nature to be telling them all this story. He tried to put up a tough face, to make this easier on her, but he couldn't help the look of disgust that washed over him. He had never felt the need to scoop someone up and hold them, but he was feeling that now. It shocked him. Never had he felt that way, and now he was feeling it towards this girl he'd only known for 3 days.
                  He didn't know why he had gotten so angry at Jason. It was just the look on her face, the look as if she didn't want to rat him out because she was scared, made him mad. It made him more then mad. He shouldn't feel this way, especially toward a girl who probably didn't feel the same way. Then Jason didn't make it any better, grinning like an idiot...
                  He snapped out of his thoughts and kept his eyes on Vanessa. When she was finished, her eyes opened. He saw fear in them, and guessed it was from them. She was scared that they were going to treat her like a freak, he could see it. Once again, the urge to hold her close was overwhelming, but he fought it.
                 Savannah didn't, though. She squealed,"Oh, sweetheart!" and threw her arms around Vanessa. Their eyes met, and Vanessa's shot down. Crap. His expression probably wasn't helping her. Vanessa was just one of those people that can't do anything without finding trouble. It looked like Eziekiel was going to be saving her a whole lot more.
                    He didn't really mind the idea, though.
                    Simon watched with awe on his face as he Twins darted down to rabbits, then shot up into giraffes. They found that they could transform into any person, animal, object, or creature. They particularly liked transforming into various Misfits' and teasing them with themselves. Savannah had the idea to get them to practice their magic, so they could understand it more. So when the Twins had finished, Savannah burst into applause, and looked at Jason.
                       He rolled his eyes at her eager expression, and his eyes flickered to Vanessa, who was settled on the sofa next to Eziekiel. She felt Eziekiel growl,"Don't," but Jason just grinned, and splayed his hand. Vanessa whipped off her seat, and onto Jason's lap. He grinned down on her, and wrapped his arms around her waist. She squirmed,"Oi." She went to get up, but he splayed his hand again, and she plopped back on top of him.
                        Savannah cut through Eziekiel's growls, and said,"Leave the poor girl alone, Jason." He shrugged, and clenched his fist. Vanessa shot off his lap and neatly onto her original seat. Eziekiel stopped his growling and relaxed, and Vanessa rested her dizzy head on the coach.  Jason made various things zoom towards him, then fly back again. Savannah was just about to clap, when they heard a scream from Ivory's room.
                           Eziekiel shot up and sprinted to her room, and Vanessa chased after him. When he burst through the door and Ivory screamed again, she was surrounded by thick vines. Eziekiel yelled,"Get outta' there!" But Ivory screamed again, to terrified to speak. So Eziekiel charged through the forest and whipped her into his arms, kicking vines out of the way. She tried not to feel bitter at the way Ivory clung to him, but marveled at how he wrapped his arms around her determinedly, chopping his way through the wild bush.
                             When they left the room, Eziekiel dumped Ivory to Savannah, who was waiting behind them nervously. Vanessa's bitterness vanished into a feeling of warm contentment again, and Eziekiel looked at her. She realized how close they were, and all she wanted to do was wrap her arms around him, not Jason....
                               But he suddenly walked off into the living room, and Vanessa stood there, frowning.  She walked off in the direction Eziekiel left, her feeling of contentment vanishing. She saw him with Ivory, who was taking rapid breaths.
Savannah spoke in a soothing voice,"What happened, Ivory?"
Ivory took a deep breath and spoke, her voice shaky,"I was angry. I was laying in my bed, and I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, my hands opened. I didn't even feel opening them. They opened, and a million vines shot through the floor, all around my room."
                               No one spoke, and then came the Twin's sulky voice,"No fair. We can turn into things, and she can control plants?" Eziekiel cracked up, and Vanessa couldn't help it. She started laughing to. Maybe it was the plain oddness of that statement, or just Eziekiel, but she couldn't stop laughing. Eziekiel fell onto the couch, shaking with laughter, and she followed suit, tremors coursing through her body. When she stopped laughing, tears were coming from her eyes, and Eziekiel was grinning at her. Something about the way he smiled made her heart pound loudly, and she smiled back.

Chapter Fifteen

           Ivory had arrived. She glared at Vanessa, and whispered,"Your changing everything. Ever since you came, everything is DIFFERENT!" Vanessa stood her ground,"If I hadn't come, where would you be? You would have no idea why this was happening. Even if I hadn't showed up, The Twins and Jason would still be like this!" Everyone gaped at her, except for Simon and Ivory. The Twins recovered first, and they grinned,"Oh hello, stranger!" Everyone whipped around to look at Simon, who was trying to hide in the shadows. He stepped out, and Vanessa got a good look at him. He seemed around Savannah's age, maybe a year older. Eziekiel coughed,"This, is Simon."
          Ivory screamed in rage, and stormed back into her room. Jason narrowed his eyes,"New rule. No more Misfits," he said flatly. Savannah nodded slowly. Even Eziekiel shrugged. Vanessa gave Simon a small smile, and he returned it. Savannah cleared her throat,"We seem to be missing the fact that now 2 of us have magical powers." Vanessa nodded, and said,"I have a feeling it's not just going to be two. What if we're all going to get it?" The Twins looked at her,"That man in the shack...He said you already did magic?"
           Vanessa blushed, but nodded all the same. So they were back to this again. "2 years ago." Savannah peered at her,"What happened?" Vanessa frowned,"I'm not entirely sure. I was in Florida. I was terrified, and when I opened my eyes..." She trailed off, not knowing how to explain it without including the main characters of the story. Savannah smiled kindly at her,"You can tell us. We've all been in bad situations." Vanessa blinked, and took a deep breath. The night she had locked up so well in her mind...She unleashed it, and let it wash over her, trying to remember all the details, and repeated it for them all.
            It had been a hot, muggy night in Florida. It was 9:43 pm, and it wasn't the safest part of town for a 17 year old girl to wander around in. She walked briskly through the streets, walking back to her hotel. She was lost. She didn't know Florida, and now she was all alone in the inky black night, wandering around aimlessly. At least, she thought she was alone. She heard a whistle, and ignored it. She kept walking. Then she heard a voice yell,"Hey, sweetheart. Who you running away from?" That got her. She remembered how her heart had started to pound frantically, and she walked even faster. But she hadn't been paying attention to where she was walking, and almost smacked into a brick wall.
             She spun around, wildly trying to find a way out, but she had walked down a one-way street, and the whistler was waking towards her quickly. Soon, he was right in front of her. She remembered the smell, the smell of smoke and beer. He pressed her into the wall, and she whispered,"I'll scream. I swear I will, and then you'll be arrested." He had laughed, and purred,"There's no one to hear you, darling." She squirmed, and he placed both hands on either arm, trapping her. He grinned, and whispered,"Don't be scared." She had whimpered. She was scared, she had been terrified. But he was stronger than her, stronger and bigger. She didn't have a chance. So she closed her eyes.
               Then, she felt him let go of her. Her eyes snapped open, just in time to see him fly away, yelling curse words. She looked down at her hands, and saw that they were splayed open. The man got up again, and snarled at her. He charged for her, but she closed her eyes again and--CRACK!
               A bolt of lightning shot down and struck him where he stood. She remembered screaming as he fell down, the smell of charred skin in the air. It started to pour, and she watched her hands close. She had ran, ran all the way to the airport. She never had told anyone again what happened, and locked up the memory nice and tight. But now, she opened her eyes, and saw all the horrified faces around her.
               Savannah squealed,"Oh, sweetheart!" And ran to her. She squeezed her in an awkward hug, and Vanessa patted her back hesitantly. She glanced at Eziekiel, who was standing there with a disgusted expression. His eyes met hers, and she quickly looked down again. It felt good to let go of the memory, to know that she wasn't going to be classified a freak, something that should be tested and expiremented with. She almost smiled.

Chapter Fourteen

           Savannah looked up from the couch, and caught Eziekiel's expression. Her eye's flickered to Vanessa, who was frantically trying to pull him back. She flitted up. "What's wrong, Eziekiel?"
 He didn't answer, and walked over to Jason, who raised an eyebrow.
           "You prat!", he hissed. Vanessa whimpered, and could only watch as Jason's eyes went to her. She glared at him in a, this-is-all-your-fault, way. He seemed to understand, because he grinned cockily at Eziekiel. "That's what this is about?" Eziekiel growled, and Jason laughed,"Really? Sorry, but I don't believe you ever said I couldn't kiss your girlfriend." Savannah squealed,"Jason!" And the Twins eyes widened. Ivory was nowhere to be seen. She felt Simon slink into the room hesitantly. That was enough for Eziekiel. He raised his fist, and Jason ducked as Eziekiel swiped at him. He whipped out of his reach, and grinned tauntingly. Savannah whispered,"Please don't fight!" But no one seemed to hear her. Jason leaped back as Eziekiel grabbed for him again, and was forced to hop on the table as he was backed into a corner.
               Eziekiel grabbed a chair and lunged at him, but Jason was fast. Faster than he looked. He jumped off the table and Eziekiel growled in frustration. Vanessa ran in between them, and placed a spread her hands out, so one was on each of their chest's. In comparison with Eziekiel's broad chest, her hand looked miniscule. She widened her eyes pleadingly, but Eziekiel grabbed her and plopped her to the side. She frowned, and watched as Eziekiel lunged at Jason. Jason's elbow whipped up and smacked into Eziekiel's head, and she squealed,"Stop!" But Eziekiel grabbed his arm and launched him into the wall, and Jason groaned. His eyes snapped open as Eziekiel went at him again, and the next second, Eziekiel was flying across the room.
                 Vanessa screamed and ran to him, and Savannah followed her. Vanessa reached down, and tried to pull Eziekiel up, but he was much to heavy for her to carry. Savannah grabbed one arm and she grabbed the other, and together they lifted him up. He snarled at Jason, and Jason stared wildly at his hands. Vanessa gasped, massaging her ribs from lifting Eziekiel up,"How....How did you do that, Jason?" He looked at her, and splayed his hands again. It was as if a rope tied around her middle, and was pulling her to him. She couldn't stop as her body lifted and flew at him. They both toppled to the floor, and Vanessa quickly untangled herself from him. He blinked rapidly, still on the floor, and whispered,"Bloody hell..."
                  He stood, and stared at the dining chair Eziekiel threw. It flew back, and then whipped towards him. After a moment of stunned silence, Jason grinned broadly. He splayed his hands one last time, and Vanessa flew back to the kitchen and back to him over and over again. "Stop.....That!" She screamed. He closed his hands and she fell to the floor in a heap. Eziekiel hurried to her and helped her up. Vanessa murmured,"That was dizzy. I'm seeing three of you." Eziekiel cracked a smile.

Chapter Thirteen

           Vanessa crossed her arms over her chest, and grumbled,"Why couldn't I drive?" Eziekiel grinned over at her,"You can't even reach the wheel." Vanessa glared, and said,"I am perfectly sized. You, my friend, are just a beast." She glanced over her shoulder, and saw Simon lounging in the second row of seats. He smiled at her, and she looked at Eziekiel. "This thing is more of a bus, let alone a car."
            He shrugged, and said,"Hey, you picked it." She pursed her lips, and her stomach rumbled. Eziekiel sighed,"Maybe if you start eating breakfast, you won't be so hungry all the time." She narrowed her eyes at him,"Maybe if you don't light the kitchen on fire, I will." Eziekiel smiled, and grumbled,"It was Jason. Not me." Vanessa scowled at Jason's name, and she felt the blood rush to her cheeks.
            Eziekiel glanced at her, and looked more closely at her scowl. "What's wrong?"
"What? Nothing."
"Something's wrong."
"You're a liar."
"And your nosy!"
He grinned, and exclaimed,"Aha! So there is something!" Her scowl turned deeper, and he paused, then said,"What did you do?" It wasn't what she did, more of what Jason did....Eziekiel read her mind. He frowned,"Did he say something?" She almost snorted. He said  a lot of things.....Eziekiel pursed his lips,"Fine, I'll ask him..." She looked at him,"No!" He grinned evilly,"Then tell me." She glared,"I'm telling you, it's nothing." He dropped his grin, and said,"I want to know."
            She glared for another moment, and then faltered. "He came in my room, and explained about Ivory....Thought I should know why she hates me." Eziekiel frowned,"Then why are you acting so weird?" She didn't answer, and he lowered his voice,"What did he do, Vanessa?" She blushed more furiously, and mumbled,"Hekissedme..." Eziekiel frowned,"Excuse me?" She sighed, trying to sound impatient rather then horribly embarrassed. "He kissed me. When I pulled away, he got a little....Over excited.", she said weakly.
              Eziekiel didn't answer, and she risked a peek at his expression. He was staring at the road, and his face was reddening furiously. Simon cleared his throat, and the car was filled with a rather awkward silence. 
               Her cheeks must be brighter than her hair by now, and she stared determinedly at her dirty feet. When he finally stopped the car, Simon got out as quickly as possible. He practically jumped. Eziekiel didn't make to get out of the car, though, so she stayed. He was silent for a moment, then said,"What'd you do?"
                She couldn't believe this was happening. Her whole face must of been crimson by know, and she decided that it would be better to answer, rather for him to get the story from a mutated source. "I pulled away." He hesitated, and looked as though he was deciding whether or not he should ask. He decided he should, because he said,"What'd he do?"
                 Great. Fantastic. What was she supposed to say now? Oh, he went on top of me. If Eziekiel had been angry before, that would get him furious. But he waited for an answer, and she blurted,"He kinda sorta went on top of me, OK? But I rolled away, and told him to get out of my room, and nothing happened!" As she finished her words, she trailed off feeling childish and embarrassed. Eziekiel didn't move for a second, then he kicked the door open and stormed off, stomping towards the clock. Simon turned back to the car, his eye's wide. She stepped out. Oh, god, She thought, and hurried off to Eziekiel. "What are you doing, Eziekiel?" He growled,"Going to punch the lights out of that-" But Vanessa cut him off frantically,"No no, please don't fight. Calm down, Eziekiel, he was just being stupid." But he swung open the door anyway, and she watched miserably as he stomped into the house.

Chapter Twelve

"Maybe next time, you won't go off on rescue mission's without telling me."
        Vanessa scowled, and rubbed her shoulder. It felt like the man had ripped it from it's socket. The boy had been quiet the whole time they walked back to the store, and so she looked at him,"What's your name?" She said kindly. He looked up, and said,"Simon. Simon Chance." His eyes darted downwards again, and Vanessa frowned. "Are you OK?" His eyes shot up again, and he nodded,"Yeah. Er...Thanks." Vanessa smiled at him and he looked back down at the floor. Resigned, Vanessa abandoned her attempts at civil conversation. So they walked up to the store in silence.
        Eziekiel was still fuming, so she took over the actual talking part. Drifting towards the counter, she cleared her throat, and the man looked over at her. He smiled wanly, and walked over. "Caused a bit of trouble?" Vanessa blushed, and looked at her hands,"Yeah. But, um, anyways...."
"Car rental?"
"Guessed it."
He smiled, and grabbed a sheet of stapled papers, pushing them to Vanessa. "Fill these out, and we'll try to find a suitable vehicle for your needs." She smiled faintly, and walked back over to Eziekiel, rifling through the papers. Eziekiel went to grab them, but she turned away, and said,"No."
"No. You'll break the pen, or something. I'll do it." He shrugged, and leaned back. She looked around, and sat in the chair between him and Simon. She read through the questions.
What the hell do I put for address? Giant clock?" Vanessa snorted, and Eziekiel looked at her as if she'd gone crazy. She felt the blood rush to her cheeks, and looked down at the paper again. She decided to put her own address, before it burnt down. After scribbling it down on her knee, she answered the other questions, check the right boxes, and signed  her loopy signature.
     She grinned at Eziekiel,"See? No broken pen." He rolled his eyes and didn't reply, so she got up and placed the papers on the counter's again. After looking through them, typing some information on his computer, and grabbing a calculator, the man said,"So, would you like to look at our available vehicles?" Vanessa just nodded, and he smiled. She followed him out the back door, and walked through the Lot with him. He stopped at a dark red van. He looked at her, and said,"The Ford Explorer is great for...." He trailed on, and she numbly listened. After she had finished his speech, she smiled apologetically,"Sorry. I'm not really a car person. I just need something rather fast, and that can hold 7....8 people." She had forgotten about Simon. Was he going to come? Ivory would go ballistic. They couldn't just dump him off at the streets again, for him to be attacked. She firmly decided he was going to come, no matter what Ivory thought.
      The man nodded, and they walked further into the Lot. Finally, he showed her a large black car. It looked big enough. She smiled gratefully at him,"Thanks." He nodded again, and looked down at the price tag. After she handed him the money, he gestured to the car, and said,"Would you like to drive it?" She shrugged, and got in. The seat were comfortable, and the man got in the passenger's seat.
      She rode around the Lot, then pulled up to the front of the store. Eziekiel stepped out, Simon behind him, and grinned crookedly at her. She returned it with one of her own. The man gave a last smile, then walked back into the store.
          As he watched Vanessa follow the man out, he muttered to himself,"Let's see if she can buy a car, without getting attacked..." Simon, who was two seats away from him, smiled a little at this, and said,"If she hadn't done what she did, I'd be dead." Eziekiel looked at him, surprised he was speaking to him, and nodded,"Yeah. I guess." They sat in silence for a few more minutes, then Eziekiel asked,"Who was that, anyway?" Simon looked up from his hands, and stared at the other wall.
"He's known me since I was 18. I guess you could call him a hit man, but he's more of a thug. He met my mother, and...let's just say he isn't known for taking rejections gracefully. So either it was let that bastard push her around whenever he was bored, or get shot."
          Eziekiel nodded slowly, and said,"So she had no choice but to let him push her around...."
Simon's eyes hardened, and he said,"You got it. When I was 19, she had been putting up with his crap for a year. I despised him. He'd come over whenever he wanted, and I'd have to listen to my mother's screams the rest of the night." Eziekiel didn't speak. Living with 5 other children who's parent's sucked, he was used to stories like this. But that didn't make it any less disgusting. He could just imagine Vanessa's expression if she heard this, and was glad she was outside.
         Simon continued,"When I turned 20, I'd had enough. It was a bad neighborhood. It wasn't hard to get a hold of a gun. He came home one night, and I pointed it at his head. But my mother would have rather gotten shot then allowed her son to become a killer, so I didn't kill him. That did scare him away, though. At least, I thought it had."
           Eziekiel glanced at him, and then looked down at his hands. "My friends and I, we all haven't had the best stories. We live together, without parents. I was the first one. I had just run away from my dad. He was an addict, and whenever he was high he would beat the lights outta' me. One day, I snapped, I guess. I hit him back. And I ran." At this, Simon looked up at him. Eziekiel continued,"You could come, if you like. Meet the others..." He trailed off, feeling more awkward by the minute.
            He wasn't good at the sob story stuff. He remembered when Jason came along, and he didn't seem to messed up about it. So he didn't have to worry about it. They both had their issues, an they didn't really talk about it. The, Ivory showed up.
            She was the worst. He couldn't blame her. Her eyes had a look he'd never forget. They were dark, and scared, and they had the look of someone who had felt the terrors of life early, much to early to be fair. Her hair had been long, and curly, and she was pretty, in a weak sort of way. Her arms were like twigs, and her shoulder blades were like wings jutted out of her back. She had had bruises and scars all over her body, mostly on her thighs. It was nauseating. After Savannah came, she had taken care of all the motherly stuff. He was extremely grateful, for he and Jason had no idea how to help Ivory.
             Then the twins came, and he was overcome with how close they became. Without each other, they would all fall apart. Particularly Savannah. Everyone revolved around Savannah, mostly because she treated them with the love they had never gotten as children.
             The Misfits were more then just a group of kids. They were a family.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chapter Eleven

         Talking to Eziekiel turned out to be as easy as breathing. They exchanged jokes, and eye rolls, and they laughed half the way to the store. At one point of the walk, Vanessa had to pause, because she was shaking with laughter. Eziekiel had ended up falling down to, watching her twitch in completely silent giggles. But now, they peered through the glass. He nodded, and they walked into the small little shop.
         While Eziekiel talked to the skinny man behind he counter, Vanessa played with the keys handing on the door, the sparkle distracting her. But while she was close to the door, she saw something catch her eye. A boy, around her age, maybe older, was running. He looked like he was in pain, and he was clutching his forehead. Curiosity killed the cat, she thought over in her head. But she ignored it, and slid out of the shop. Once she was out, the snatches of yells reached her ears.
           She ran to the last place she saw the boy, hoping beyond hope Eziekiel wouldn't notice her absence. Once she reached the alley wall, she peeked her head around the corner. A man was holding the boy she saw to the wall, holding a gun to his head. She ran into the alley, and shouted,"Hey!"
            They both looked over at her in surprise, and the older man grinned. She saw dark holes in places his teeth should of been. He spoke, his voice terribly raspy,"Well hello there, sweetheart." She had no idea what to do now. He could easily shoot the boy, then turn the gun on her and that'd be it. Her plan was not going well so far.
              The man shoved the boy into the wall, and he fell in a heap to the floor. Rubbing his head, he stumbled up, swaying to his feet. The man leered at Vanessa, and prowled closer. She backed away, but suddenly there was a man behind her that defintley not there before. She froze. What do you do now, Vanessa!, Said a small voice in her ear. But she had no answer, and she felt the coming wave of paralysis. The man behind her grinned, his hot breath sweeping along her ear. The man's wicked grin in front of her, however, slid off his face as the boy behind him leaped on him.
                 Vanessa went to run, but the man behind her yanked her arm, and she cried out. He wrapped to arms around her middle, and kept her on the wall. She squirmed and wiggled, but every time she did he laughed, her efforts amusing him. Meanwhile, the boy who saved her was wrestling with the man on the floor. They didn't seem like they would part anytime soon, so she was stuck there. With no use of her arms, and no other options, she spit on him.
                 He snarled and threw her on the floor. Wiping his face, he slammed a boot to her stomach, trapping her there while she gasped and spluttered, air rushing out of her.
                  But then the boot lifted, and she looked up to see Eziekiel wrapping a thick arm around the man's neck. He tossed him aside as if nothing more then a feather, and looked at Vanessa with wild, anxious eyes. She coughed,"Help....Him." And Eziekiel looked up, just in time to see the boy flying into his face. They both fell, and before Vanessa could help them up, two sweaty hands gripped her jaw and pulled her up. He wrapped an arm around her torso, and held something cold and heavy to her temple.
                  "Nobody move, or I'll kill little miss hero over here."
                    Eziekiel went to move forward, but the boy put his arm out to stop him,"Don't," he said,"He'll do it. I know he will." Eziekiel watched Vanessa, and growled,"What the hell?" Vanessa gave him a yeah-sorry-about-that look, and whispered,"Sorry. I saw him, and I came over....." Eziekiel narrowed his eyes,"And why didn't you get me?" She shrugged,"It was a spur-of-the-moment decision." Then the man bopped the side of her mouth, and said,"No talking." Eziekiel snarled.
                      She tasted blood trickle down her lips, and then everything happened very fast. Eziekiel pounced forward, and the man-not expecting a move like that-let go of Vanessa to protect himself. Grabbing Vanessa, he pulled her to his side, and said shortly,"Were leaving. Now." The man glared, but nodded all the same. As Eziekiel turned to leave, Vanessa tugged on his sleeve,"What about him," she whispered. Eziekiel glared at her, but turned to the man reluctantly. "What do you want for him? I got cash." The man gave a lopsided grin, that gave Vanessa chills.
"Her." Was all he said.
                     Eziekiel scowled,"No deal." Vanessa creeped behind him as slowly as he could. Hoping that the man wouldn't watch her, she hid behind Eziekiel. Once the two started talking again, Vanessa crouched down and felt the ground, until her hand came in contact with a jagged edge. She gripped it, and slowly got up. Peeking through Eziekiel's arms, she watched the man talk, aimed, and...BAM!
                   The rock hit his skull, and he fell to the floor with a clatter. They all whipped around to stare at her, and she smiled.

Chapter 10

       (Writers note: From now on, the title is going to be the Chapter number. You all obviously know its still the Misfits.....Hopefully)
        Simon Chance tapped his foot to the beat of the music, resting his arm on his knee. His raggedy, filthy jeans made a dark spot on his arm, but he didn't mind. He was quite used to it. The radio in front of him crackled, and he made a face. Sighing, he stretched forward to twiddle with the dials, until it stopped crackling. He leaned back again, and just was getting comfortable, the beat of the music thrumming through him, the warm wall heating him up, when he heard a yell.
       He froze, his foot stopping its rhythmic tapping. When he heard the second yell, he moved, but it wasn't to the music. He leaped up, sprinting away, but looked over his shoulder, just to make sure. He was right. Of course he was.
        The source of the noise chased after him, his other friends trailing behind to kick his beloved radio to pieces. He puffed, and forced himself to run even faster. The guy didn't have a hope. He was about to make it to the edge of the alley, when--WHAM!
         Another guy had jumped from the top of the building-which wasn't quite a feat, considering it was almost 8 feet-and landed right on Simon. He screamed a million curses in his mind, but all he could do was topple as the dead weight smacked into him. Rolling over, he got a good look at the crazy man sitting on him. A lewd grin was plastered on his face, and Simon wriggled. Setting his arm free, he grabbed a fistful of the mas hair and pulled him aside, and he leaped up, making to run away again.
         But his chaser was caught up enough to grab a wrinkle in his shirt, and yanked Simon forward. He cursed, and toppled into the man. They both fell. But the man got up quicker, and he jammed the black gun onto Simons forehead. He froze. The metal was cold, and solid, and he knew if he tried to run the man would thumb back the trigger without another thought. So he didn't move, his eyes on the man the whole time. The man grinned, and Simon counted 3 missing teeth. Probably punched out of his mouth.
         "I should kill you." His voice was terribly raspy, hoarse. It was as if he had just finished screaming. Which, could be perfectly true. It was like a car running over shards of glass, the terrible screech of an object dying, beyond repair. If this man had a soul, it was long gone by now. It couldn't be returned, after the crap he'd done to him, to his mother. The thought flared his anger, making his eyes flash. The man just grinned. He thumbed back the trigger, and Simon closed his eyes.
        When Vanessa woke up, it wasn't a pleasant thing. Her ribs ached, and she inwardly was in awe at how easily sore she became. She most probably had deep blotches on her waist. Jason gripping them didn't help much, either. But either way, she yanked herself up. Running her hand along the smooth wooden edge of the dresser, she wondered briefly in Savannah would mind if she picked out an outfit without her supervision. She pulled open the drawer anyways, and sifted through various pieces of clothing articles. Picking out a random pair of stormy grey sweatpants, and a dark purple tank top, she slid them on. She had to roll up the sweatpants, which was odd, seeing as she was taller than Savannah.
        When she walked out of the room, she was greeted with the strong smell of smoke. She heard Eziekiel yell,"You idiot!" And ran over to the kitchen to see what had happened. Jason had knocked over a bottle of oil, and the frying pan lit into flames. Succeeding in burning his nose, he jumped around, cursing. Eziekiel, on the other hand, was trying to calm the flames by fanning them frantically with a towel. The whole scene made Vanessa giggle.
         At her laugh, they had looked over, and Eziekiel paused in fanning the flames. They took the chance eagerly, and shot up again. Right into Eziekiel's arm. He yelled and whipped his arm back. She rolled her eyes, and walked forward, grabbing a glass of ice water on the way. Throwing the water down with a splash, the flames sizzled, and died out. Eziekiel stared at her, still gripping his arm.
"How'd you do that?"
         She shrugged. "3 years of living by myself." He smiled faintly, and looked down at his arm again. She grabbed his hand, and pulled the arm away from his chest gently, examining it. His hand felt hot, drastically hot, but she surmised it was from the flames. She whistled slowly. "Nice. Got yourself good." She looked up, and his eyes blinked, and she could of swore he almost blushed. But he didn't, and she tried to ignore the fact she was disappointed.
              "Got a first aid kit?" He cleared his throat, and looked away,"Uh, yeah. Over there." She figured he meant the second cabinet to the left, for his chin was pointed in that direction. So she reached up on her tip-toes, and tried to snatch the handle, but she was to short. She frowned at him,"Why are they so high?" He snorted,"They're not high. Your just a shortie." Scowling, she hopped up and sat on the counter top, and opened the cabinet. "We eat their, you know." Vanessa shot him a smile,"Yeah, but apparently I'm a shortie. So you can think about your words, while you wipe the counter tops."
               She looked around the white little compartment, and saw a small little box. She opened it, and rummaged through it, rifling through the stacks of band-aids, creams, and ointments. Finding the burn cream, she pushed the cabinet door closed with her head. She hopped back down, staggered a little, but found her footing. Unscrewing the small little top, she dabbed some of the cream on Eziekiel's arm. He stared determinedly at his arm, then mumbled,"Thanks."
              There was an indignant cry beside them, and Jason pointed to his nose,"What, I don't get any?" Vanessa scowled deeply, her cheeks reddening as the memory's of the last time she had seen Jason sprang up in her mind. Eziekiel caught her scowl, and whipped the tube from Vanessa's hand. "Yeah. Here." He dolloped some on the tip of Jason's nose, and Jason scowled, wiping off the cream hurriedly.
               Eziekiel laughed, and walked out of the kitchen. She followed him, not wanting to be alone with Jason, and he said,"Well, I'm going." Savannah looked up from her perch in the couch,"Why?" Eziekiel raised his eyebrows,"Well, I have to rent a car, and buy plane tickets." Savannah opened her mouth, then closed it, and nodded. "OK. Hurry." Eziekiel strode over to the hallway with the exit, and Vanessa quickly followed him,"You have a license?" He looked at her,"Yeah. We all do, except for the Twins." He reached the door, and paused,"Well....Uh. Bye." But she held the door shut,"Can I come?"
               Part of it was because she didn't fancy being alone with Ivory and Jason, but most of it was because the image of her and Eziekiel alone was to much to resist.
               He blinked, surprised, and shrugged,"Sure."
               Trying not to grin, she swept out of the clock with him, leaving it shrinking slowly in the distance, as they walked to find the nearest Car Rental store.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Misfits Gang

          Chapter 9, That look in your eye
      Jason watched as Vanessa glided out of the room, and he could almost feel her hesitancy. The things Ivory said hurt her, he could tell. Eziekiel watched Jason's eyes, which were following Vanessa's shapely figure drift out with desire, and burst out angrily,"Take a picture, prat, it'll last longer." Jason tore his eyes away from her and looked at Eziekiel. Jason grinned at him and winked. He bowed out of the way, and guestured his hands in Vanessa's direction,"She's all yours." Eziekiel glared, but didn't move. It was obvious, he was to embaressed to actually do it, and Jason slipped out, and shot Eziekiel a wink over his shoulder. "Sorry, buddy. But the timer ran out." And he walked down the hall laughing.
       Vanessa closed her bedroom door softly, and turned around with a sigh. She laid on the bed, considered changing, then decided she was to tired to get up. Her waist ached from when the huge man had grabbed her, and her mind was exhausted. She slipped under the covers and was about to close her eyes when a soft knock rapped on the door. She sat up, blinking, and her mind ran through a list of possibilities. But the one that mattered was the first one, so she brushed a hand through her hair self consciously, and her heart thudded. But she scolded herself. She called out,"Come in," And instead of the strong figure of Eziekiel, it was the dark form of Jason. She sank back, disappointed. He smiled,"Hi." She returned one wanly, and blinked,"So...uh...What do you want?" It was hard to say those words without sounding rude, she realized a little to late. He didn't seem to mind though, as he slipped deeper into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked into her bright green eyes, and said,"I just wanted to explain why Ivory's so rough. I felt you had a right to know."
        Woah. Vanessa was not expecting that. She raised an eyebrow, and said,"Go on." He smiled, and looked down at his hands,"Well, when we found Ivory, it was just Me and Eziekiel. Then she came, and she wasn't even close  to the way she was now. Her hair was long, and curly, and black. She didn't have piercings. She was thin, drastically thin, and it seemed like the only expression on her face was nervous. It took her a while to start to get comfortable around us, when she started to believe that we weren't going to suddenly start beating her or something." Vanessa stared at him,"Why was she nervous," she said softly. His smile faded somewhat, and he said,"We found out that she was on the list for Child Services. Her dad....Her dad started doing drugs. He got addicted. When he couldn't pay...He gave them his daughter. His only daughter. Ivory. You can imagine...You can imagine what they did to her."
       Vanessa stared at him in horror. Her stomach lurched in disgust, and bile rose in her throat. "Thats...Thats horrible." She whispered. He nodded,"She started to trust us. She started to become more confident. To you, Ivory may seem scary, and prideful, and self-assured. But really, she clings to this group like her lifeline. It's all she has. If she didn't have us, what would happen? Her story is a sad one." Vanessa blinked, then curiousity got the better of her. She whispered,"Whats your story?" Jason blinked quickly, excited. He probably thought this was her way of flirting. He spoke softly, leaning a tiny bit closer, and spoke. His cold breath blew on her face. "When I lived with my parents, everything was great. Then, my mom died. That...That changed my dad. Made him snap. He loved my mother. He started being cruel to me, treating me like a pet, nothing more. I got sick of it. I left." By the time he had stopped speaking, his body was an inch away from hers. She felt uncomfortable. She tried to inch away but guilt washed over her.
       His story was so sad, and from the sound of it, it was as if he was loved deprived. He probably clung to Savannah tightly, for she treated everyone with such compassion. She couldn't just reject him. So it left her stranded there, not knowing what to do, as he leaned even closer. Finally, his lips touched hers, and her thoughts turned frantic. What do you do, Vanessa!, said the little voice in her head. But no thought sprang to mind, so she sat there, uncomfortable, as his lips pressed harder on hers. He was either a really great actor, or it would be devastating to him for her to pull away. She figured out which one he was when his hand slipped to her waist. Damn, she thought. His other hand wrapped around her waist, and an alarm beeped off in her head.
         So she pressed her head back, and their lips separated. She whispered,"Uh...Jason-" But before she could say anything else, he pressed against her again. This time, he threw all caution to the winds as his lips danced open, trying to wrench her's open. But she stuck to her guns, and decided to throw herself back. Drastically wrong move.
         Instead of separating himself from her, he went on top of her, but that was it. She opened her eyes angrily, and rolled away. He sat up, his eyes bright, but her's narrowed. "Don't do that again. Ever." He got up, and she took a step back. He winked,"No promises." She scowled, and pointed at the door. He shrugged, and out he went.

The Misfits Gang

          Chapter 8, There's magic in the air.
    Jason go up slowly, red in the face. He gaped at the Twins. "What. The. HELL." Eziekiel nodded shakily,"Exactly what I was thinking." The Twins were leaning against the wall, still pale and shuddering. Vanessa retracted her gaze from Ivory, part of the reason being Ivory looked like she would like nothing more then to chop off Vanessa's head at that moment. She watched Savannah and Eziekiel exchange looks as if they were talking to each other thoughts. It made Vanessa realize how no matter how close she felt, she was still the outsider in this little ragamuffin crew. She had only been there for a day, and the way Savannah looked at her, she felt it was because they didn't want to ruin the chance that Eziekiel had brought home an actual girl.
    Thinking about this made Vanessa's eyes flicker to him. She didn't know how she felt about him, mostly because he was still just a stranger. Granted, a stranger that saved her life, but still.....It felt as if she was back to being 13, and this was just a crush, nothing more to be expected from it. Was it a crush to Eziekiel? Did he even care about her that way, and was she crazy for thinking about it? Maybe it was just to soon, they only met yesterday. But it was hard not to fancy Eziekiel, when he was just so fanciable.
     Then she heard a voice, and she snapped out of her reverie. Eziekiel was watching her, his lips were moving, but she just hadn't caught the words. He repeated himself,"What are you looking at?"
      Her eyes shot downwards, a terrible blush rising in her cheeks. "Nothing," she mumbled. He looked away, and her eyes rose. They were all watching the Twins carefully, and everybody seemed to be trying to figure out what to say. Finally Vanessa broke the silence,"So. That just happened."
      But when the Twins looked at her, all her attempts at amusement drifted away. She saw everything she felt that night in Florida, fear and shock and panic, all mixed into one terrible concoction. Eziekiel spoke up,"Ok. Um...Ok. Lets think this through....There is obviously magic. Magic....Uh....Magic. So....I think-and don't freak out- we should go to Ireland. Like the man said." Ivory looked up,"What, and leave London!" Eziekiel was unfazed by her fury,"Exactly." He said calmly,"That's usually what '"Leave to Ireland"' means, Ivory." At this, Ivory gave a shriek of rage and threw her hands in the air,"Come on! Everything's changing, just because this," She said a rude name so loud that Eziekiel yelled out,"Oi!" She continued,"Is changing everything! Now were getting into fights, and turning into bears, and now were thinking of going to Ireland!? This is ridiculous!" Vanessa glared at her, because she had hit a soft spot. Pointing out that it was Vanessa's fault they were all changing, hit her hard. But she didn't say anything, and Eziekiel replied coldly,"Correction. We are going to Ireland. You can come, but either way, I'm going. And so is Vanessa. Anyone else that wants to join me is welcome." No one had to say anything to know that everyone was going to join him, even Ivory. She just glared.
         Savannah cleared her throat,"And I think we should go as soon as possible." But Jason cut in,"No offense, but how are we going to afford seven plane tickets?" Eziekiel smiled wickedly, and his hand flicked to his pocket. Savannah sounded disapproving,"Oh no, Eziekiel." He grinned, and pulled out a wallet. Stuffed to the brim with cash. Vanessa gasped,"Where did you get that!?" Eziekiel looked at her, and his grin broadened,"Whoever paid that guy at the shack, he paid him well." Vanessa grinned, catching on. The Twins seemed back to their usual selves,"Nice!" They high-fived.
          Savannah sighed and shook her head,"Oh Lord. Help us all."

The Misfits Gang

               Chapter seven, When the lights go out.
       The man put the sleek black phone down gently, and closed his eyes. "So," he whispered, but his voice carried to everyone's ears easily,"It seems our plan isn't going to be nearly as easy as I thought it would be. The girl, Vanessa, seems to have come in contact with a pair of boys. A pair of boys about to reach the Surge. Magic might be in her grasp quickly. We can't let her discover her own magic without my supervision." The man to his left spoke out,"So what do we do, Master?" 
"We kill the others." He said it easily, as if killing a group of children was a daily hobby, nothing more. "But there are others, others going after her. Some might even be from the Ministry. We can not let her reach the Ministry's grasp. Do not dissapoint me."
          Vanessa sat on the edge of the couch, terse and stiff. No one had spoken, not even Ivory. She stood, and six pairs of his flickered to her. She clenched her fists behind her back, fighting the blush at the attention, and spoke,"Look. What if he's right? What if something is going to happen tonight?"
"Don't be ridiculous," snapped Ivory. She continued,"He was probably just on drugs."
 "Well, look at the facts. Someone tried to burn down Vanessa's house. Another, tried to strangle her. There's obviously some reason they want her." Jason pointed out. Ivory blinked, moved by the truth of his words, trying to find an angle to fight from. She found one. "Well, then, we need to know what she did!" Savannah opened her mouth to argue, but Vanessa burst out,"Look, it was 3 years ago! If it is because of that, why are they coming after me now?" I
            Ivory crossed her arms, and smirked. She had gotten it out. Now they all knew there was something. "What happened 3 years ago." It didn't even sound like a question. Ivory was going to keep this up until Vanessa told them all. So she clenched her jaw, and hurried through her words,"I was 17, I was in Florida, I was scared, I made something happen." Of course. The reactions she feared, flew through everybody's face, even Ivory lost her smirk. She looked down at her feet.
"What did you do?", came Jason's voice. He sounded shaken, getting worried. Vanessa opened her mouth, and out came the words,"Imadesomeguysfly."
            Ivory pursed her lips,"Sorry?" Vanessa gritted her teeth, and snapped her head up," I made. Some guys. Fly." Ivory snorted, but she was the only one. Eric number one gnashed his teeth together angrily,"You asked, and she answered. Stop being a git, Ivory." Ivory raised her dark eyes to him, full of daring,"Excuse me?" She said dangerously.
          "Stop. Being. Such. A. Jerk." Eric was red in the face now, and Vanessa was shocked to see how angry he was getting. Eric 2 was copying him, flushing furiously. Everyone else stared. Ivory looked taken aback. It was obvious the Twins never acted like this. Ivory caught herself, and snarled,"I wasn't talking to you anyways." That did it. The Twins started shaking in anger, and before Savannah could calm the situation, as she was about to do, something happened. The twin both seemed to explode, and when they reappeared, it wasn't their freckled-selves. It was two full-sized, snarling bears. Jason leaped away with a scream of profanities, and Eziekiel jumped. Ivory screamed, and Savannah yelled out a stream of Spanish words, none of which Vanessa could understand. Vanessa, on the other hand watched with wide eyes. The bears seemed to catch their reactions, and looked down. With a yelp, and a bang, the two gangly boys appeared in a heap. Their faces pale and sweaty, tangled over each other. Savannah ran forward and helped them to their feet.
             Vanessa crossed her arms smugly, and threw a huge smirk in Ivory's direction. "Ha. in your face." Ivory looked mutinous.

The Misfits Gang

             Chapter six
     If Vanessa thought the silence before was immense, it didn't compare to the one now. Jason stared at her, his eyebrows raised. Then, finally, Ivory broke the silence with a sharp,"It's official. Your crazy," in Vanessa's direction. But Vanessa ignored her, and watched Eziekiel carefully. Bewilderment crossed his face. He spoke hesitantly, as if fearing her sanity,"Vanessa, you can't honestly believe that." She didn't answer, just blinked slowly, and then looked towards the man on the floor. He raised an eyebrow,"So, what have you done that you've never told anyone about? You must have been pretty pissed. Or scared."
"Shut up." Was all Vanessa shot his way. But he was right. She was terrified that night. But it was nothing compared to the terror she felt after, when she feared she was losing it. But, she had decided it must of been a wind trick, and flew home as quick as she could.
    Eziekiel cleared his throat, and said,"What's he talking about, Vanessa?"
She almost blushed. She didn't want to tell any of them, about any of the things that happened that night, but she didn't need to. As she went to stammer an excuse, the man on the floor lazily slurred,"She did something she had no control of, when she was scared." Vanessa looked at him. How had he known that? He continued,"So, judging by the expression on your pretty little face, I ain't lying." Ivory threw her hands in the air,"Well, you have to tell us now." Jason nodded,"She's got a point. This scum," he nudged the man with his shoe,"Isn't going to tell us anything worth while. You obviously know what he's talking about. Spit it out."
   But Savannah came to her rescue,"If it's her business, she doesn't need to tell us. But Vanessa, we do want to know if you believe him. That would help." Vanessa looked at her, hesitated, and swallowed. Then, she nodded tentatively,"Yeah. I believe him." Was she crazy? Was Ivory right? Or was this man, this stranger who tried to strangle her, right? Was it her who made those men flew back that night?
   Eziekiel stared, and the man on the floor cackled suddenly. He pointed his chin at the Twins, who stiffened. "These two. I'll bet all my money and clothes that these two can show you tonight. Ican feel the magic in these ones." Ivory narrowed her eyes,"Crazy. The both of you." Ouch. That one stung.
    But the Twins were frozen, and it was obvious they were scared. They didn't think Vanessa was crazy, for which she was grateful, so they were scared there might be an inkling of truth in his words. Savannah spoke, and her usually kind voice was filled with reproach,"Lets leave, Ez. We can talk about it at home." Eziekiel didn't move, so Savannah tugged on his sleeve,"Come on," she urged. Finally, he moved, tearing his eyes away from the man to look at Savannah. He nodded, and the gang started to move back. But Vanessa hesitated. She looked at the crazy man, and he winked,"You'll see. But don't worry, you won't get bored. Soon, there's gonna' be fighters all over you, and your new little crew of rebels." He nodded at the gang, and Eziekiels voice cut out,"We can handle ourselves. Come on, Vanessa." Ivory looked furious.
    They walked out, Vanessa staring at the backs of the twins, wondering what everyone else must be wondering. Were the twins really going to change tonight?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Misfits Gang

                     Chapter five
         "Punch him again, Eziekiel."
        "Do not punch me again, Eziekiel!", came the mans hasty reply. But Eziekiels heavy fist came ramming forward anyway, and snapped back the crazy man's head. With a groan, he swung his head in the right place, and glared at them all.
         Savannah was huddled in the corner, Ivory cleaning her wound with a cloth, and the Twins, Jason, and Vanessa were crowded around the psychotic man's form, who was sitting against the wall, Eziekiels large hands on either shoulder.
         The Twins and Vanessa were watching as Jason asked the man questions, while Eziekiel kicked and punched when asked. He seemed to be rather enjoying his job, if you asked Vanessa. Finally, Jason asked the question that had been nagging Vanessa all the while.
"Why do you want Vanessa?"
The man bared his gleaming, sharp little teeth at her, and The Twins glared at him. "Ask her," he spat.
They all looked at her, eyebrows raised, but Vanessa shrugged. She hadn't the faintest idea what he meant by that, and her curiosity was getting the best of her, so she said,"What are you talking about?"
         His mouth pursed, and for a moment he looked puzzled. Then his face cleared, and the most unpleasant grin spread. He cackled,"You mean to tell me, you don't even know?" He looked from either of their bewildered faces, and cackled louder. "None of you brats?" Ivory and Savannah looked over.  Ivory looked at Vanessa, dislike etched on her milky face, and looked at Jason. He shrugged, and turned back to the cackling man. "Either tell us what you mean and become useful, or Ez will punch your lights out." The laughing died down, and his eyes narrowed, the grin still wide on his face. He looked straight at Vanessa,"Looks aren't everything, obviously. I thought you were smart?" Eziekiel snarled softly, and brought his knee up to the mans ear. Hard.
          That wiped the grin off his face, for he whipped his head back and growled,"Fine, fine, Blondie!" He sighed, and looked at Jason,"I'm not supposed to say. Frankly, i'm not even that sure why he wants her dead, just-" But Vanessa cut him off hurriedly,"Who?" The man's dark amber eyes slid back to her menacingly,"My boss. Don't ask me who, girl, he just pays my checks. He's got half of London going after you," he added darkly. She crossed her arms,"Then why haven't I been attacked before?" The man blinked,"Just turned 20?" Vanessa raised an eyebrow,"Excuse me?" He sighed impatiently, and snapped,"Your age."
He frowned, and murmured,"Then he obviously doesn't want you to know, which he succeeded in. I just wonder why.." he trailed off, thinking to himself. Ivory flitted over, and Vanessa jumped when her sharp voice spat;
"If half of London's after her, she did something. Either she doesn't realize it, or she's lying." The Twins rolled their eyes together,"Yeah, Ivory, 'cause she's dangerous." Ivory glared at them, and Jason looked at the man on the floor,"Why is everyone looking after Vanessa?"
The mans grin returned, and he spoke, his voice full of reproach,"You fool's never heard of magic, have you?"
         The silence was absolute, then the Twins burst out laughing. Even Ivory cracked a hard smile.
"Your bonkers. Magic?", came Eziekiel's voice, but Vanessa didn't laugh, or even smile. Her thoughts had turned cold, as she revisited 4 years ago in her head.
          She had been visiting Florida, and hadn't realized what a bad part of the state she was in. 17 years wasn't quite ready for night visits, she had realized, as she walked down the dark road that led to her hotel. She remembered the jeers, the hard hands trying to grab her, but as fear had developed her, something amazing had happened. The men trying to gang up on her had flown back before anything else could happen, and she remembered watching them with wide eyes, as they flew into the hard brick wall opposite of her. She had quickly flew back home, fear of what she had done suffocating her. For 3 years, almost 4, she had locked the memory up in her mind, refusing to think about it anymore.
        But now she gazed at the man with wide eyes, and he stared into hers. She believed him, and terror turned her body cold, making her stiff. What if she had done that. What if she was different? The man on the floor seemed to feel her fear at his truth, and turned smug. "Told you," was all her murmured. Eziekiel stared at Vanessa, eyebrows low. "Vanessa? Is something wrong?"
She looked at him, her eyes still wide with terror. "I don't think he's lying, Eziekiel."

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Misfits Gang

    Chapter Four
 "What!", The man shrieked. The cowering boy in front of him flinched, and said quickly,"I'm sorry, master! A boy, a boy saved her! I had to flee!" The man screamed in anguish, and kicked the cowering boy in the stomach. He yelped, and fell back. The man, the man called master, sat back down on the chair, burying his head in his hands. The boy staggered up, shivering in terror. Then the man spoke, his voice much calmer than before.
"So. It seems this might not be as simple as we thought. No matter, do whatever you must. Kill them all, anyone in your way. But bring me Vanessa Swan alive."
The boy nodded, then hesitated. "Unharmed, sir?" The man denied himself a smile,"Hurt her all you like. Just bring her to me alive."
  The boy smiled wickedly.
  Vanessa watched Eziekiel pace, thinking up a strategy. She spoke up,"How are you even going to know where to find him?" Eziekiel looked at where she was sitting on the couch, in between Savannah and Jason. The Twins were standing next to the couch, and after many arguments, Ivory was standing in a corner.
"His shirt. It had a logo. A logo, and a name. I searched the name, got the adress." The twins grinned,"Nice." She had found a small difference in them. One had a freckle right on his chin, one didn't. She called the one with the freckle, Eric1, and the one without the freckle Eric 2. She found it much easier that way.
  Eziekiel continued his manic pacing, and Ivory spoke for the first time,"What are we going to do? Storm in and just start fighting? What if theres hundred's of them? That one," She pointed her chin at Vanessa, "Can't even fight." Eziekiel hadn't considered this. He looked at Vanessa, who crossed her arms over her chest,"Im not staying here," She said stubbornly. The twins frowned,"What if someone else attacks her? Shes safer with us, Ez." He hesitated, then looked at Ivory,"Were going to sneak in, scope out, then grab the guy." Savannah nodded,"Good. Thats a good plan, Eziekiel." They all glanced at each other, and Ez nodded.
"Ok. Lets go find some answers."
   Vanessa grabbed her sandals, and walked beside Ez. She felt Ivory's eyes on her, but ignored them, looking at Eziekiel. "So, how far is it?" He smiled,"Yeah, a gang of Misfits might cause panic through the streets. Its about a 2 minute walk." She raised her eyebrows, surprised. He nodded,"I didn't realize it was that close either." They walked on, laughing at the Twins jokes, except Ivory. When they got there, they all froze, looking up at the building. The twins stopped joking, and Eric 2 muttered,"This is it? Damn." Eziekiel glared, and said,"Its good its small." But 'small' was an exxaggeration. It was a run-down shack, with peeled paint and shattered windows. People bustled past it without a second glance, and so the Misfits walked up to the building and peered through the windows. Eziekiel murmured,"Theres someone in there." Savannah glanced at Vanessa worriedly, and said,"How many?" Eziekiel looked at her,"Unless I'm mistaken, one." The twins frowned, disappointed by the lack of an army.
  Eziekiel walked in,and they all hurried up after him. Vanessa saw Savannah tap Jason's hand out of the corner of her eye, and saw Jason and Savannah flank her protectively. Eziekiel was in the lead, the twins behind him, and Savannah, Vanessa, and Jason trailing. Ivory somberly followed, silent as a ghost. She heard a grunt, and saw Eric 1 flying into the wall to her left. She looked at Eziekiel frantically, and saw him charging into a collosal man with red eyes. Savannah and Jason ran foward, and gripped the mans arms, pulling him back. Eric 2 ran to Eric 1, and Ivory watched. The man flipped backwards, twisting their arms, and Jason yelped and let go. Savannah spun away, stumbling. The man leaped over Eziekiel, and Vanessa blinked, and then he was on top of her, and she screamed. He picked her up and slammed her into the wall, but before he could do anything, Eziekiel let out a yell and grabbed his shoulders, throwing him back.
  Savannah ran to Vanessa, checking she was OK. When Vanessa nodded, her eyes glued onto Eziekiels form. He wrestled with the man, and sent a punch to the throat that sent the man reeling. Eziekiel looked down at his hands, and shook them, as if getting rid of a cramp. He'd been hurt. Jason leaped onto the mans back and wrenched his arm back. But he got flung off, and with a yell, slammed into the wall. He didn't get back up. Savannah flicked a kick up, but he chopped it down, and she snatched a rubbishy lamp and swung it into his face. He staggered back, but shook his head like a dog getting water out of his fur, and grabbed her. She squirmed as he threw her into the crummy T.V., and she yelped as the glass went into her arm. The man snarled at Vanessa, and ran at her, an arm sliding around her waist. It tightened, and Vanessa cried out as her side smashed into his chest. She wriggled as he lifted her up, and Eric 1 yelled,"Ivory!", furiously. She glared, and went to grab Vanessa, but the mans leg whipped out and kicked her side, making her fall.
  He wrapped another arm around Vanessa's neck, and the breath rushed out of her. Then Eziekiel threw himself onto both of them, and they all went tumbling down. Vanessa wriggled out of the scuffle, and gasped on all fours as oxygen rushed to her head. Eziekiel wrapped his strong arms around the man, slammed him into the wall, again, and again, and again. The man fell to the floor, and groaned, and Eziekiel pounded on him with his fists, and finally, the man stopped struggling. The group staggered together, and Eziekiel looked at her. She whispered,"I'm fine."

The Misfits Gang

    Chapter Three
  She woke the next morning by very loud voices. She sat up in her bed, rubbing her eyes, and listened harder at the voices. She heard snatches of it, which sounded like an argument. She got up and opened he door a crack, and listened.
  "She's not leaving, dammit. She hasn't done anything to you, and your going to be good. She just wants to know who burned down her house, for God's sake. It's not a crime!"
  "Well she can call the police! We can't just go running into every detective case you find, Eziekiel! What if someone else's house burns down? Are you going to bring them?"
  "No! God, this is the only time!"
  "Oh, so this is just because she's pretty, is it?!"
  Eziekiel's voice sounded angry,"Shut it, Ivory. Leave her alone, she hasn't done anything wrong. Everyone else likes her, its not her fault your just bitter."
  Ivory screamed in frustration, and Vanessa heard footsteps stomping down the hall, and a door slammed. She hesitated, then peeked her head through. She saw Eziekiel, red in the face, and he frowned when he saw her. She stepped out sheepishly, caught in her spying. "You heard that, huh?" He muttered. She looked down, cheeks burning,"Yeah..." They stood there for a minute, staring at their feet, when they heard a door open. Both their heads whipped around, and they saw Savannah, stepping out of another room sleepily.
"Whassascreamingfor?", She murmured. "Nothing," said Eziekiel. Savannah blinked groggily, then looked at Vanessa. "Oh, sweetheart, you don't have any clothes." Vanessa looked down, her clothes were dirty from her fall yesterday, and had soot from the ceiling on them. She shrugged,"Its ok." But Savannah took her hand, and Vanessa let herself be dragged into the room she slept in again.
  They walked up to a large wardrobe, and she heard Savannah mutter,"She should fit in this," To herself. She dug through the clothes in the drawer, and pulled out a dark blue tank top. Savannah gazed kindly at Vanessa,"That should look good with your hair, dear." Then she dug around again as Vanessa switched shirts quickly, and yanked out a pair of black jean shorts. They were slightly baggy, so Vanessa had to roll them up. She straightened up, and asked,"How old are you?" Savannah smiled,"23, almost 24, and Jason is 20, and the twins are both 18. Ivory is about 19, and Eziekiel is almost 22. Were a happy little bunch, except..maybe not Ivory." Vanessa looked down at Ivory's name, staring at her bare feet. Savannah followed her eyes, and gave a small jump,"Oh, shoes!" She rushed over to the closet, shoveling through assorted rubbish to get through the shoes, and Vanessa watched, murmuring about how she didn't need them. Savannah straightened up,"Que Paso? What did you say?" Vanessa blushed,"Nothing." Savannah nodded absently, and plucked a pair of  black rubber sandals from the ground. She tossed them to Vanessa, who caught them. "There you go," She said, and flitted out of the room. Vanessa left the sandals by her bed, and folded up her sweats neatly, laying them on the floor. She followed Savannah out.
  She walked down the hallway that led to the living room, and looked around. Her room seemed to be the only room with a ceiling, and she marveled at how huge this tower was. If you looked straight up-which she did-and peered hard enough, you could just see the gears at the top of the tower, which were spinning slowly. She wondered how loud it got at midnight, obviously not loud enough for her to wake up. She stood there, her face up, until she heard a cleared throat. She looked down, her neck already sore from staring, and saw Jason watching her. She felt blood rush to her cheeks, and scolded herself for blushing so easily. He grinned broadly at her blush, taking it the wrong way, and moved aside so she could walk past. She looked down at her feet and hurried off, walking into the living room with Jason behind her. She stopped, and he walked by her and went off to the small kitchen. She looked around, and saw the twins sitting in to corner, eating what looked like cereal on a small table. Her stomach roared at the sight of food, and almost everyone heard it. Eziekiel looked at her, and raised his eyebrows,"Hungry?" She rubbed her armsheepishly,"Starved," she admitted. He got up from the couch, and walked over to the kitchen, where Jason could be seen pouring milk into a glass with a small crack in it. She followed, somewhat hesitantly, and smelled melted butter when she walked in. Her stomach rumbled again, and she muttered,"Shut up..." He grinned at her,"Talking to yourself. First sign of insanity, you know." She stuck her tounge out at him, and wrapped her arms around her waist.
  He reached up and snatched a paper plate from the cupboard, and a question rose in her mind.
"Where did all the rooms, and walls come from?"
He looked over at her,"I made them. With wood." She stared, and blinked,"You built this?" He shrugged,"Kinda. I just made walls, to seperate everyones rooms."
"How do you get plumbing?" He grinned, and said,"The idiots already had a toilet, for when workers come round once a year. They didn't shut off the water. They never will." She frowned,"Workers come?" His grin widened, and his eyes twinkled wickedly,"They do. But we have a wooden ramp, and put it up once a year when they come, over our living space. They don't even notice our living here." She stared at him, and whispered,"That is so cool." He pulled a jug of orange juice from the fridge, and poured it into a chipped mug. He spun and flipped over eggs on a frying pan, and placed them on the paper plate. They were scorching hot, but she snarfed them down, ravenous. Her mouth burned, and the twins watched in amazement, for they had come over to put their bowls in the sink.
  She frowned, her cheeks burning self-consiously. "What", she muttered.  

The Misfits Gang

    Chapter Two
  They all stood there. Eziekiel muttered,"I knew you would all take it this way." Then a girl walked in, and the twins giggles got more pronounced. Vanessa stared at the girl. She had bright purple hair, and piercings almost everywhere. Her nose, her lips, her ears, her eyebrows, and etcetera. Her dark eyes were like black, cold tunnels, and Vanessa felt she could get lost in them if she tried. Her dark lips were set into a frown, and her white skin was more pronounced by the black clothes she wore. She looked at Vanessa, and glared at Eziekiel,"Who is this?" Eziekiel sighed.
"Vanessa, this is Savannah," He guestured to the hispanic girl, "This is Jason," He guestured to the dark haired boy, (whos eyes were still raking her)"And Ivory." He guestured to the pierced girl. The twins gave cries of indignation,"What are we, next door neighbors?" The girl called Savannah smiled. Jason snorted,"I wish." The twins scoweled in his direction, then bowed at Vanessa.
"This, is Eric." Said one of the twins, pointing at the one to his side. Eric grinned,"And this, is Eric!" Vanessa looked down, and muttered,"Yeah, I'm going to mess that one up..." Savannah smiled warmly at her. The only person she felt who wasn't amused was Ivory, who was glaring at Eziekiel. Her eyes slid to Vanessa, and Vanessa shrank back. Ivory gritted her teeth, and turned on her heel, stomping away. Eziekiel rubbed his arm,"Ah....That went well."
  Savannah spoke, her slight accent ringing, so different in comparison to all of their English accents,"So, Vanessa, are you a new Misfit?" The twins glared at her,"I told you, thats not our name. It should be something cool....." The other twin spoke up,"Like the Ninjas." Savannah frowned,"But were not ninjas."
"No one needs to know that!"
Eziekiel cleared his throat,"Shes here, because we want to find out who lit her house on fire. I, and she, want to know who wants her dead." Vanessa piped up,"And, why, would be nice to."
  Jason grinned crookedly, eyeing Vanessa,"Maybe shes dangerous." Savannah spoke, her voice cross,"Shes not dangerous." Eziekiel glared,"I might be, though." Jason winked, and went back to leaning. The twins spoke, their voice in unision,"Maybe shes a ninja!" Eziekiel sighed,"This is stupid."
  Vanessa couldn't help it. She smiled at the twins,"Yeah, I'm a ninja. Watch out, I might kill you when your sleeping."
"She'll stick a samurai star up your nose", came Eziekiels voice, and they both laughed. Savannah eyes widened at Eziekiel, then she caught herself, and sighed,"Happy happy, joy joy," She muttered. Jason crossed his arms, and straightened up. He was tall, almost as tall as Eziekiel, who was a beast. If Vanessa was 5'9, they were at least 6'2. Savannah looked about Vanessas size, except maybe a little thicker. Her blonde hair tangled 'round her head, falling down to her shoulders, in complete contrast to Vannesa's dark red hair, which was as straight as a ruler, and hung down her head down to her hips. The twins grin widened, and said,"So, mission time?" Eziekiel rolled his eyes, and muttered,"Whatever. You make it all sound so glamourous."
  The twins high-fived, and Vanessa smiled to herself. They all chatted, and Vanessa got a good idea of their personalities. (Except Ivory's, who stayed in her room the whole night). Savannah seemed like one of those mothers, who cared about all her children equally. And the rest of them seemed like her children, even Vanessa, who was pleased at how easily she fit in to the group. Jason, on the other hand, seemed to have a very large ego, and was as cool as he pleased when he flirted with Vanessa. Eziekiel didn't seem to like his attempts, and Savannah seemed to feel the same way, but Vanessa didn't care. She didn't pay him any mind. The twins seemed like the biggest trouble makers she had met, and she fell easily into the pattern. Eziekiel seemed the leader, everyone seemed to look at him as the adult. Savannah offered Vanessa her bed, and though Vanessa refused, Eziekiel pulled her into the room anyways, so she stammered her thanks at Savannah while being thrown into a bright room with a white bed. Eziekiel leaned on the doorframe, watching her closely. She sat on the bed, and said,"The Misfits?" Eziekiel grinned,"Its what we like to call ourselves." She smiled. He lowered his voice,"They're all really wonderful....Even Ivory. Sorry about that, by the way." She shrugged, and he reached to close the door, but she said,"You all live here?" He nodded, and said,"Go to bed. Well figure out who burned your house tommorow." She nodded, and he closed the door softly. She laid back on the bed, her mind churning.
  But the wonders of sleep enveloped her, and she slept peacefully in a giant clock, for the first time.

The Misfits gang

    Chapter one
 Vanessa slammed the door, and yelled,"I already DID!" She heard a mutter, and waited. Satisfied that the crazy landlord after her blood was gone, she turned and walked away, and flopped on the couch. She sighed into the pillow. Her tiny apartment would soon be gone, as she had avoided paying rent for over 3 months. She had to admit, she had gone this far. But her landlord had finally stomped up to her apartment, flat-footed and furious. After several days of screaming, hysterics, and the 8 year old girl next door calling them idiots, he finally threatened to shut down her power and water. So she was forced to live with her aunt for a while. She wasn't looking foward to this, as her aunt disapproved of a 19, almost 20, year old girl living by herself in London. But Vanessa had lived by herself for almost 3 years, and she appreciated it much better then living with her parents, who had died last year. She had left at about 18, and picked the one apartment where the landlord was to stupid to deny a not even 18 year old girl the apartment of her choice. She had worked at various places since then, but had lost her job about 4 months ago. So she had no money to pay for her apartment, and had taken to living off buffets, paying and not even bothering to sit down, just shoveling food into take out boxes and walking out fast.
  Her stomach rumbeled, so she looked down at it and frowned, as if that would somehow help. With a groan and a push, she got up, and walked over to the fridge. Before she opened it, she saw something out the window, and glanced at it. She frowned, furrowed her brows, and looked closer. There was a man outside, standing behind her house, watching. Blinking, she left her stomach to growl, and went to walk out the door. But it wouldn't budge. Then she heard a scream. She spun around and whipped her head around. There was no one there. She shoved the door more frantically. It still wouldn't budge. She pounded her fists against it, but that just made it more firm, if possible. Then she heard another scream, and she lost her head completely. Just as she was about to slam a lamp into the window, when it burst open in an explosion of glass. She screamed and jumped back, and a man about her age with collosal muscles straightened up, looked at her, and said,"Is there anyone else here?" He looked down at her lamp and cracked a smile,"What were you going to do with that?" She gaped at him, and he whipped his head towards the window. He muttered,"Oh, hell." She was about to ask what the hell was going on, when he charged at her. She screamed again and he swept her up off her feet, and charged towards the window. They both jumped out the window and he leaped off the banister, and she shrieked as the plummeted toward the cheap garden below.
  She squirmed in his strong grasp and he looked down at her. "Put me DOWN!" She gasped. He shruged, and dropped her. She glared, and propped herself up by the elbows. "I didn't mean like that." Then she screamed as her house was devoured in red-hot flames, swallowing it whole. She leaped up, and shoved the stranger. He looked at her,"What?" She screamed,"Thats my house!" He raised his hands wide,"I just saved your life, and your pushing me?" She tilted her head, her eyebrows low and her eyes wide,"Yes! Ugh!" And she raised her hand, hesitated, then slapped his arm. He raised an eyebrow,"Um...Ow?" She glared, then said,"How'd you know my house was going to light on fire?" He slapped a hand to his forehead,"Damn!" He snatched her hand and dragged her around the house, to where she saw the man watching her apartment. She dragged her feet into the soil, but he pulled her just as easily, so she made two lines in the dirt where her feet where. He let go of her hand, and looked around,"Where'd he go?" She frowned,"Who, the guy?" He looked at her, his eyes narrowing,"You know him?" She crossed her arms,"No, I just saw him outside my house." He frowned to himself, and she lost her temper,"Who the hell are you!" He scoweled at her,"Calm down. Im Ezekiel." Ezekiel rubbed his forehead with his hand, and looked at her,"You have to come with me." She laughed  scornfully,"The hell I do!" He pursed his lips, and shrugged. He swept her up and threw her over his shoulder. Vanessa pounded on his back as he walked away from the apartment complex. She shrieked,"Put me down!"
  After the first 30 minutes of walking, she heard his voice,"Are you going to behave?" She glared at his back and muttered,"Fine." He swung her down, and she crossed her arms bitterly,"You can't just carry people wherever you please! Its rude, for one thing. Deeply un-settling, for another." He grinned,"Sorry. I don't usually have to." She looked around,"Where are we?" He crossed his thick arms over his broad chest, and looked at her,"You act like you aren't from London at all." She stared,"What do you mean--Oh." She had turned around, and saw the massive clock known as Big Ben behind her. She looked at him, and said,"Your insane. Why are we here?" He didn't reply, but his eyes glinted in a way she immediately didn't trust. She backed away,"What are you think-" But he rushed her and swept her up, and she screamed in frustration. "Really?! This is mature!" He walked up to the  side of the clock, looked around, the pressed his hand against one of the tiles. It sank in, and fell down with a clatter. There was a small square hole in its place, and he yelled through it,"Hey!" He dropped Vanessa down with a clunk and an eye peered through the whole. "Oh. Its you." The eye disappeared, and a large gap swung open, like a door. Revealing two tall, gangly boys around the age of 17 staring at Vanessa. They were obviously twins, every feature looked identical to the other.
  They had dark brown hair, freckles, and boyish faces. Their bright green eyes gleamed with mischief, and their pale pink lips opened in a grin. They both raised their eyebrows, and looked at Eziekiel. The one to the right spoke,"Well, haven't you had fun. Jason's gonna' flip, he hasn't seen a new pretty face since august." Eziekiel scoweled, and swiped at the twins, who dodged it. He rumbled,"Shut it." Vanessa blinked, her eyes adjusting to the darkness, and stepped in. She whispered,"This is so illegal."
"Ya, well, have you heard stories of rambunctious teenagers living in a giant clock?", came the voice of one of the twins.
They walked farther in, and instead of gears and pulleys, she saw what looked like a living room. There was a pretty hispanic hispanic girl lounging on a red couch, and a handsome, dark haired boy leaning against the wall opposite of her. The twins cleared their throat, and both people turned and looked at Vanessa. The boys eyes dipped down to her toes, back up to her head appreciatively. The girls eyes narrowed, and looked at Eziekiel. "Oh, so you can have a girlfriend, and I can't have a boyfriend?" The other boy's eyes stopped raking Vanessa, and narrowed almost exactly the same,"Girlfriend? Damn." Eziekiel growled,"Calm down. She's not my girlfriend." The twins grinned and muttered to themselves,"Ooh, this is going to be fun. I can feel it."