" To let love into your heart, is as if to let magic into your soul"

Friday, September 9, 2011

Chapter Fourteen

           Savannah looked up from the couch, and caught Eziekiel's expression. Her eye's flickered to Vanessa, who was frantically trying to pull him back. She flitted up. "What's wrong, Eziekiel?"
 He didn't answer, and walked over to Jason, who raised an eyebrow.
           "You prat!", he hissed. Vanessa whimpered, and could only watch as Jason's eyes went to her. She glared at him in a, this-is-all-your-fault, way. He seemed to understand, because he grinned cockily at Eziekiel. "That's what this is about?" Eziekiel growled, and Jason laughed,"Really? Sorry, but I don't believe you ever said I couldn't kiss your girlfriend." Savannah squealed,"Jason!" And the Twins eyes widened. Ivory was nowhere to be seen. She felt Simon slink into the room hesitantly. That was enough for Eziekiel. He raised his fist, and Jason ducked as Eziekiel swiped at him. He whipped out of his reach, and grinned tauntingly. Savannah whispered,"Please don't fight!" But no one seemed to hear her. Jason leaped back as Eziekiel grabbed for him again, and was forced to hop on the table as he was backed into a corner.
               Eziekiel grabbed a chair and lunged at him, but Jason was fast. Faster than he looked. He jumped off the table and Eziekiel growled in frustration. Vanessa ran in between them, and placed a spread her hands out, so one was on each of their chest's. In comparison with Eziekiel's broad chest, her hand looked miniscule. She widened her eyes pleadingly, but Eziekiel grabbed her and plopped her to the side. She frowned, and watched as Eziekiel lunged at Jason. Jason's elbow whipped up and smacked into Eziekiel's head, and she squealed,"Stop!" But Eziekiel grabbed his arm and launched him into the wall, and Jason groaned. His eyes snapped open as Eziekiel went at him again, and the next second, Eziekiel was flying across the room.
                 Vanessa screamed and ran to him, and Savannah followed her. Vanessa reached down, and tried to pull Eziekiel up, but he was much to heavy for her to carry. Savannah grabbed one arm and she grabbed the other, and together they lifted him up. He snarled at Jason, and Jason stared wildly at his hands. Vanessa gasped, massaging her ribs from lifting Eziekiel up,"How....How did you do that, Jason?" He looked at her, and splayed his hands again. It was as if a rope tied around her middle, and was pulling her to him. She couldn't stop as her body lifted and flew at him. They both toppled to the floor, and Vanessa quickly untangled herself from him. He blinked rapidly, still on the floor, and whispered,"Bloody hell..."
                  He stood, and stared at the dining chair Eziekiel threw. It flew back, and then whipped towards him. After a moment of stunned silence, Jason grinned broadly. He splayed his hands one last time, and Vanessa flew back to the kitchen and back to him over and over again. "Stop.....That!" She screamed. He closed his hands and she fell to the floor in a heap. Eziekiel hurried to her and helped her up. Vanessa murmured,"That was dizzy. I'm seeing three of you." Eziekiel cracked a smile.


  1. Let it be known that Vanessa is NOT Eziekiel's girlfriend. Jason was being a prat.

  2. LOL that was AWESOME!
    I can't believe how fast you write! :D AH! I can't wait for moooore!