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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Misfits Gang

    Chapter Two
  They all stood there. Eziekiel muttered,"I knew you would all take it this way." Then a girl walked in, and the twins giggles got more pronounced. Vanessa stared at the girl. She had bright purple hair, and piercings almost everywhere. Her nose, her lips, her ears, her eyebrows, and etcetera. Her dark eyes were like black, cold tunnels, and Vanessa felt she could get lost in them if she tried. Her dark lips were set into a frown, and her white skin was more pronounced by the black clothes she wore. She looked at Vanessa, and glared at Eziekiel,"Who is this?" Eziekiel sighed.
"Vanessa, this is Savannah," He guestured to the hispanic girl, "This is Jason," He guestured to the dark haired boy, (whos eyes were still raking her)"And Ivory." He guestured to the pierced girl. The twins gave cries of indignation,"What are we, next door neighbors?" The girl called Savannah smiled. Jason snorted,"I wish." The twins scoweled in his direction, then bowed at Vanessa.
"This, is Eric." Said one of the twins, pointing at the one to his side. Eric grinned,"And this, is Eric!" Vanessa looked down, and muttered,"Yeah, I'm going to mess that one up..." Savannah smiled warmly at her. The only person she felt who wasn't amused was Ivory, who was glaring at Eziekiel. Her eyes slid to Vanessa, and Vanessa shrank back. Ivory gritted her teeth, and turned on her heel, stomping away. Eziekiel rubbed his arm,"Ah....That went well."
  Savannah spoke, her slight accent ringing, so different in comparison to all of their English accents,"So, Vanessa, are you a new Misfit?" The twins glared at her,"I told you, thats not our name. It should be something cool....." The other twin spoke up,"Like the Ninjas." Savannah frowned,"But were not ninjas."
"No one needs to know that!"
Eziekiel cleared his throat,"Shes here, because we want to find out who lit her house on fire. I, and she, want to know who wants her dead." Vanessa piped up,"And, why, would be nice to."
  Jason grinned crookedly, eyeing Vanessa,"Maybe shes dangerous." Savannah spoke, her voice cross,"Shes not dangerous." Eziekiel glared,"I might be, though." Jason winked, and went back to leaning. The twins spoke, their voice in unision,"Maybe shes a ninja!" Eziekiel sighed,"This is stupid."
  Vanessa couldn't help it. She smiled at the twins,"Yeah, I'm a ninja. Watch out, I might kill you when your sleeping."
"She'll stick a samurai star up your nose", came Eziekiels voice, and they both laughed. Savannah eyes widened at Eziekiel, then she caught herself, and sighed,"Happy happy, joy joy," She muttered. Jason crossed his arms, and straightened up. He was tall, almost as tall as Eziekiel, who was a beast. If Vanessa was 5'9, they were at least 6'2. Savannah looked about Vanessas size, except maybe a little thicker. Her blonde hair tangled 'round her head, falling down to her shoulders, in complete contrast to Vannesa's dark red hair, which was as straight as a ruler, and hung down her head down to her hips. The twins grin widened, and said,"So, mission time?" Eziekiel rolled his eyes, and muttered,"Whatever. You make it all sound so glamourous."
  The twins high-fived, and Vanessa smiled to herself. They all chatted, and Vanessa got a good idea of their personalities. (Except Ivory's, who stayed in her room the whole night). Savannah seemed like one of those mothers, who cared about all her children equally. And the rest of them seemed like her children, even Vanessa, who was pleased at how easily she fit in to the group. Jason, on the other hand, seemed to have a very large ego, and was as cool as he pleased when he flirted with Vanessa. Eziekiel didn't seem to like his attempts, and Savannah seemed to feel the same way, but Vanessa didn't care. She didn't pay him any mind. The twins seemed like the biggest trouble makers she had met, and she fell easily into the pattern. Eziekiel seemed the leader, everyone seemed to look at him as the adult. Savannah offered Vanessa her bed, and though Vanessa refused, Eziekiel pulled her into the room anyways, so she stammered her thanks at Savannah while being thrown into a bright room with a white bed. Eziekiel leaned on the doorframe, watching her closely. She sat on the bed, and said,"The Misfits?" Eziekiel grinned,"Its what we like to call ourselves." She smiled. He lowered his voice,"They're all really wonderful....Even Ivory. Sorry about that, by the way." She shrugged, and he reached to close the door, but she said,"You all live here?" He nodded, and said,"Go to bed. Well figure out who burned your house tommorow." She nodded, and he closed the door softly. She laid back on the bed, her mind churning.
  But the wonders of sleep enveloped her, and she slept peacefully in a giant clock, for the first time.

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