" To let love into your heart, is as if to let magic into your soul"

Friday, September 9, 2011

Chapter Thirteen

           Vanessa crossed her arms over her chest, and grumbled,"Why couldn't I drive?" Eziekiel grinned over at her,"You can't even reach the wheel." Vanessa glared, and said,"I am perfectly sized. You, my friend, are just a beast." She glanced over her shoulder, and saw Simon lounging in the second row of seats. He smiled at her, and she looked at Eziekiel. "This thing is more of a bus, let alone a car."
            He shrugged, and said,"Hey, you picked it." She pursed her lips, and her stomach rumbled. Eziekiel sighed,"Maybe if you start eating breakfast, you won't be so hungry all the time." She narrowed her eyes at him,"Maybe if you don't light the kitchen on fire, I will." Eziekiel smiled, and grumbled,"It was Jason. Not me." Vanessa scowled at Jason's name, and she felt the blood rush to her cheeks.
            Eziekiel glanced at her, and looked more closely at her scowl. "What's wrong?"
"What? Nothing."
"Something's wrong."
"You're a liar."
"And your nosy!"
He grinned, and exclaimed,"Aha! So there is something!" Her scowl turned deeper, and he paused, then said,"What did you do?" It wasn't what she did, more of what Jason did....Eziekiel read her mind. He frowned,"Did he say something?" She almost snorted. He said  a lot of things.....Eziekiel pursed his lips,"Fine, I'll ask him..." She looked at him,"No!" He grinned evilly,"Then tell me." She glared,"I'm telling you, it's nothing." He dropped his grin, and said,"I want to know."
            She glared for another moment, and then faltered. "He came in my room, and explained about Ivory....Thought I should know why she hates me." Eziekiel frowned,"Then why are you acting so weird?" She didn't answer, and he lowered his voice,"What did he do, Vanessa?" She blushed more furiously, and mumbled,"Hekissedme..." Eziekiel frowned,"Excuse me?" She sighed, trying to sound impatient rather then horribly embarrassed. "He kissed me. When I pulled away, he got a little....Over excited.", she said weakly.
              Eziekiel didn't answer, and she risked a peek at his expression. He was staring at the road, and his face was reddening furiously. Simon cleared his throat, and the car was filled with a rather awkward silence. 
               Her cheeks must be brighter than her hair by now, and she stared determinedly at her dirty feet. When he finally stopped the car, Simon got out as quickly as possible. He practically jumped. Eziekiel didn't make to get out of the car, though, so she stayed. He was silent for a moment, then said,"What'd you do?"
                She couldn't believe this was happening. Her whole face must of been crimson by know, and she decided that it would be better to answer, rather for him to get the story from a mutated source. "I pulled away." He hesitated, and looked as though he was deciding whether or not he should ask. He decided he should, because he said,"What'd he do?"
                 Great. Fantastic. What was she supposed to say now? Oh, he went on top of me. If Eziekiel had been angry before, that would get him furious. But he waited for an answer, and she blurted,"He kinda sorta went on top of me, OK? But I rolled away, and told him to get out of my room, and nothing happened!" As she finished her words, she trailed off feeling childish and embarrassed. Eziekiel didn't move for a second, then he kicked the door open and stormed off, stomping towards the clock. Simon turned back to the car, his eye's wide. She stepped out. Oh, god, She thought, and hurried off to Eziekiel. "What are you doing, Eziekiel?" He growled,"Going to punch the lights out of that-" But Vanessa cut him off frantically,"No no, please don't fight. Calm down, Eziekiel, he was just being stupid." But he swung open the door anyway, and she watched miserably as he stomped into the house.

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