" To let love into your heart, is as if to let magic into your soul"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chapter Seventeen

       "Leave all that rubbish, I just want my damn cupcake," hissed Kallista. The elegant plates of assorted foods flew away from her, and the man serving her clenched his jaw and handed her the cupcake. She started licking off the icing, and looked at the ceiling thoughtfully.
"So. I asked you to get a girl. Was that so hard, Lucium? No, it was not. She is not strong yet, and she was not protected. Now, because of your blunder, she is protected. Yet, she is not protected well. A group of teenagers. They were not particularly powerful, yet now they are. Do you know why, Lucium?"
       Lucium clenched his fists, and spat out,"No."
       Kallista smiled, and Lucium stiffened. She spoke gently,"I think you do, Lucium. I think you know that anyone mortal will be affected by the girl's raw power. They have all been affected, and they will all be graced with magic. There is no turning back now. So now, now that your idiocy has reached new heights, we start from square A. We need to untangle her from the groups protective grasp on her, and now we need to preserve the group, also. Do you know how hard that will be, Lucium?" The man stayed quiet. "I said, do you know how hard?!"
         The man arched his back and screamed, and all the while Kallista sat back in her chair, eating her cupcake. She kept her eyes trained on his face, and blinked. He straightened up, breathing heavily. She smiled again,"That hurt, didn't it? Unless you want that to happen to you again, I suggest you find a way to the girl, and her silly little group. Before anyone else does, mind you."
          They all sat around Ivory, watching her grimace and flex her hands. I jumped as vines shot through the ground, and Eziekiel chuckled at my attempts to stop the jumping, and I glared at him. He sobered quickly and the corners of his mouth twitched up in an effort stifle the grin. Savannah had been watching us most of the time, and it made her smile when I laughed with Eziekiel.
            So now they had three magicians in the household, if you could call it a household, and Simon was fitting in wonderfully with the group. I watched him joke around with the Twins, and smile faintly at Jason's sly remarks, and nod along with Savannah. Even Eziekiel laughed with him, but most of my time was spent watching Eziekiel, and feeling the way my heart thudded against my ribs when he smiled at me. But know his attention was not focused on me, but focused on Ivory. She was breathing deeply, and squinting her eyes. I watched closer, and blinked as plants crashed through the floor, but didn't retract immediately. They wrapped around everyone's ankles, and more shot through and wrapped around their wrists. I tried to pull one off, and it tightened and more twisted up my arm. Ivory's eyes snapped open again, and the plants slunk back into the ground, leaving the floor somehow un-blemished.
              Simon's voice shot out, and he whispered,"That is so cool." Ivory cracked a smile, and for a while, everyone seemed happy. That was, until  a pounding sounded from the outside of the clock.
              Everyone froze rather suddenly, and they heard a voice yell out,"Find a way in!" The next moment, there was a clatter, and they all knew the tile had sunk in and fell to the floor. It wouldn't be long before they broke through. I wondered briefly if it was snowing outside, for the noises of dripping could be heard. But my thoughts were broken sharply as Eziekiel grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from the couch. The group followed us, and Savannah called out,"Do they want her?" Eziekiel snarled,"Of course they do." I let myself be pulled to down a hallway I had never been through, and into a small hole in the wall. Savannah squeaked,"Oh! It's about to snow out there! Ill get jackets!" Eziekiel gave her a pleading look, and she whipped out of the room. He started ripping away other tiles, and stacking them in a pile. Jason kneeled down and helped him, and soon they had a hole that they cold all fit through, and Savannah was back.
                   I accepted the jacket, and numbly slipped it on. It was fuzzy and think and warm, and it made me sweat. But when Eziekiel pushed me quietly through the hole, I gasped from the burst of freezing wind that greeted me. Once we were all out, Eziekiel creeped to the other side to make sure there were no people, and reached back and plucked my wrist into his hand again. We all ran to he van, and as we were about to reach it, a voice called out,"Oi! There they are!" Eziekiel growled,"Damn." And threw me into the side of the van, and they all jumped in with a scurry. A couple men reached the windows, but Eziekiel stomped on the gas, and they roared forward.

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