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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Misfits Gang

    Chapter Four
 "What!", The man shrieked. The cowering boy in front of him flinched, and said quickly,"I'm sorry, master! A boy, a boy saved her! I had to flee!" The man screamed in anguish, and kicked the cowering boy in the stomach. He yelped, and fell back. The man, the man called master, sat back down on the chair, burying his head in his hands. The boy staggered up, shivering in terror. Then the man spoke, his voice much calmer than before.
"So. It seems this might not be as simple as we thought. No matter, do whatever you must. Kill them all, anyone in your way. But bring me Vanessa Swan alive."
The boy nodded, then hesitated. "Unharmed, sir?" The man denied himself a smile,"Hurt her all you like. Just bring her to me alive."
  The boy smiled wickedly.
  Vanessa watched Eziekiel pace, thinking up a strategy. She spoke up,"How are you even going to know where to find him?" Eziekiel looked at where she was sitting on the couch, in between Savannah and Jason. The Twins were standing next to the couch, and after many arguments, Ivory was standing in a corner.
"His shirt. It had a logo. A logo, and a name. I searched the name, got the adress." The twins grinned,"Nice." She had found a small difference in them. One had a freckle right on his chin, one didn't. She called the one with the freckle, Eric1, and the one without the freckle Eric 2. She found it much easier that way.
  Eziekiel continued his manic pacing, and Ivory spoke for the first time,"What are we going to do? Storm in and just start fighting? What if theres hundred's of them? That one," She pointed her chin at Vanessa, "Can't even fight." Eziekiel hadn't considered this. He looked at Vanessa, who crossed her arms over her chest,"Im not staying here," She said stubbornly. The twins frowned,"What if someone else attacks her? Shes safer with us, Ez." He hesitated, then looked at Ivory,"Were going to sneak in, scope out, then grab the guy." Savannah nodded,"Good. Thats a good plan, Eziekiel." They all glanced at each other, and Ez nodded.
"Ok. Lets go find some answers."
   Vanessa grabbed her sandals, and walked beside Ez. She felt Ivory's eyes on her, but ignored them, looking at Eziekiel. "So, how far is it?" He smiled,"Yeah, a gang of Misfits might cause panic through the streets. Its about a 2 minute walk." She raised her eyebrows, surprised. He nodded,"I didn't realize it was that close either." They walked on, laughing at the Twins jokes, except Ivory. When they got there, they all froze, looking up at the building. The twins stopped joking, and Eric 2 muttered,"This is it? Damn." Eziekiel glared, and said,"Its good its small." But 'small' was an exxaggeration. It was a run-down shack, with peeled paint and shattered windows. People bustled past it without a second glance, and so the Misfits walked up to the building and peered through the windows. Eziekiel murmured,"Theres someone in there." Savannah glanced at Vanessa worriedly, and said,"How many?" Eziekiel looked at her,"Unless I'm mistaken, one." The twins frowned, disappointed by the lack of an army.
  Eziekiel walked in,and they all hurried up after him. Vanessa saw Savannah tap Jason's hand out of the corner of her eye, and saw Jason and Savannah flank her protectively. Eziekiel was in the lead, the twins behind him, and Savannah, Vanessa, and Jason trailing. Ivory somberly followed, silent as a ghost. She heard a grunt, and saw Eric 1 flying into the wall to her left. She looked at Eziekiel frantically, and saw him charging into a collosal man with red eyes. Savannah and Jason ran foward, and gripped the mans arms, pulling him back. Eric 2 ran to Eric 1, and Ivory watched. The man flipped backwards, twisting their arms, and Jason yelped and let go. Savannah spun away, stumbling. The man leaped over Eziekiel, and Vanessa blinked, and then he was on top of her, and she screamed. He picked her up and slammed her into the wall, but before he could do anything, Eziekiel let out a yell and grabbed his shoulders, throwing him back.
  Savannah ran to Vanessa, checking she was OK. When Vanessa nodded, her eyes glued onto Eziekiels form. He wrestled with the man, and sent a punch to the throat that sent the man reeling. Eziekiel looked down at his hands, and shook them, as if getting rid of a cramp. He'd been hurt. Jason leaped onto the mans back and wrenched his arm back. But he got flung off, and with a yell, slammed into the wall. He didn't get back up. Savannah flicked a kick up, but he chopped it down, and she snatched a rubbishy lamp and swung it into his face. He staggered back, but shook his head like a dog getting water out of his fur, and grabbed her. She squirmed as he threw her into the crummy T.V., and she yelped as the glass went into her arm. The man snarled at Vanessa, and ran at her, an arm sliding around her waist. It tightened, and Vanessa cried out as her side smashed into his chest. She wriggled as he lifted her up, and Eric 1 yelled,"Ivory!", furiously. She glared, and went to grab Vanessa, but the mans leg whipped out and kicked her side, making her fall.
  He wrapped another arm around Vanessa's neck, and the breath rushed out of her. Then Eziekiel threw himself onto both of them, and they all went tumbling down. Vanessa wriggled out of the scuffle, and gasped on all fours as oxygen rushed to her head. Eziekiel wrapped his strong arms around the man, slammed him into the wall, again, and again, and again. The man fell to the floor, and groaned, and Eziekiel pounded on him with his fists, and finally, the man stopped struggling. The group staggered together, and Eziekiel looked at her. She whispered,"I'm fine."