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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Misfits Gang

    Chapter Three
  She woke the next morning by very loud voices. She sat up in her bed, rubbing her eyes, and listened harder at the voices. She heard snatches of it, which sounded like an argument. She got up and opened he door a crack, and listened.
  "She's not leaving, dammit. She hasn't done anything to you, and your going to be good. She just wants to know who burned down her house, for God's sake. It's not a crime!"
  "Well she can call the police! We can't just go running into every detective case you find, Eziekiel! What if someone else's house burns down? Are you going to bring them?"
  "No! God, this is the only time!"
  "Oh, so this is just because she's pretty, is it?!"
  Eziekiel's voice sounded angry,"Shut it, Ivory. Leave her alone, she hasn't done anything wrong. Everyone else likes her, its not her fault your just bitter."
  Ivory screamed in frustration, and Vanessa heard footsteps stomping down the hall, and a door slammed. She hesitated, then peeked her head through. She saw Eziekiel, red in the face, and he frowned when he saw her. She stepped out sheepishly, caught in her spying. "You heard that, huh?" He muttered. She looked down, cheeks burning,"Yeah..." They stood there for a minute, staring at their feet, when they heard a door open. Both their heads whipped around, and they saw Savannah, stepping out of another room sleepily.
"Whassascreamingfor?", She murmured. "Nothing," said Eziekiel. Savannah blinked groggily, then looked at Vanessa. "Oh, sweetheart, you don't have any clothes." Vanessa looked down, her clothes were dirty from her fall yesterday, and had soot from the ceiling on them. She shrugged,"Its ok." But Savannah took her hand, and Vanessa let herself be dragged into the room she slept in again.
  They walked up to a large wardrobe, and she heard Savannah mutter,"She should fit in this," To herself. She dug through the clothes in the drawer, and pulled out a dark blue tank top. Savannah gazed kindly at Vanessa,"That should look good with your hair, dear." Then she dug around again as Vanessa switched shirts quickly, and yanked out a pair of black jean shorts. They were slightly baggy, so Vanessa had to roll them up. She straightened up, and asked,"How old are you?" Savannah smiled,"23, almost 24, and Jason is 20, and the twins are both 18. Ivory is about 19, and Eziekiel is almost 22. Were a happy little bunch, except..maybe not Ivory." Vanessa looked down at Ivory's name, staring at her bare feet. Savannah followed her eyes, and gave a small jump,"Oh, shoes!" She rushed over to the closet, shoveling through assorted rubbish to get through the shoes, and Vanessa watched, murmuring about how she didn't need them. Savannah straightened up,"Que Paso? What did you say?" Vanessa blushed,"Nothing." Savannah nodded absently, and plucked a pair of  black rubber sandals from the ground. She tossed them to Vanessa, who caught them. "There you go," She said, and flitted out of the room. Vanessa left the sandals by her bed, and folded up her sweats neatly, laying them on the floor. She followed Savannah out.
  She walked down the hallway that led to the living room, and looked around. Her room seemed to be the only room with a ceiling, and she marveled at how huge this tower was. If you looked straight up-which she did-and peered hard enough, you could just see the gears at the top of the tower, which were spinning slowly. She wondered how loud it got at midnight, obviously not loud enough for her to wake up. She stood there, her face up, until she heard a cleared throat. She looked down, her neck already sore from staring, and saw Jason watching her. She felt blood rush to her cheeks, and scolded herself for blushing so easily. He grinned broadly at her blush, taking it the wrong way, and moved aside so she could walk past. She looked down at her feet and hurried off, walking into the living room with Jason behind her. She stopped, and he walked by her and went off to the small kitchen. She looked around, and saw the twins sitting in to corner, eating what looked like cereal on a small table. Her stomach roared at the sight of food, and almost everyone heard it. Eziekiel looked at her, and raised his eyebrows,"Hungry?" She rubbed her armsheepishly,"Starved," she admitted. He got up from the couch, and walked over to the kitchen, where Jason could be seen pouring milk into a glass with a small crack in it. She followed, somewhat hesitantly, and smelled melted butter when she walked in. Her stomach rumbled again, and she muttered,"Shut up..." He grinned at her,"Talking to yourself. First sign of insanity, you know." She stuck her tounge out at him, and wrapped her arms around her waist.
  He reached up and snatched a paper plate from the cupboard, and a question rose in her mind.
"Where did all the rooms, and walls come from?"
He looked over at her,"I made them. With wood." She stared, and blinked,"You built this?" He shrugged,"Kinda. I just made walls, to seperate everyones rooms."
"How do you get plumbing?" He grinned, and said,"The idiots already had a toilet, for when workers come round once a year. They didn't shut off the water. They never will." She frowned,"Workers come?" His grin widened, and his eyes twinkled wickedly,"They do. But we have a wooden ramp, and put it up once a year when they come, over our living space. They don't even notice our living here." She stared at him, and whispered,"That is so cool." He pulled a jug of orange juice from the fridge, and poured it into a chipped mug. He spun and flipped over eggs on a frying pan, and placed them on the paper plate. They were scorching hot, but she snarfed them down, ravenous. Her mouth burned, and the twins watched in amazement, for they had come over to put their bowls in the sink.
  She frowned, her cheeks burning self-consiously. "What", she muttered.  


  1. This is awesome-sauce, Vivianna! I like Ezekiel :D

  2. Lol, yeah, hes awesome. You'll start to learn more about the others to. I for one, happen to love the twins.

  3. Yo! FANTASTIC story Viv!
    I love you brilliant imagination!
    I can't wait to read more!
    Wish I could live in Big Ben!!!


  4. LOL, Who doesnt want to live in a giant clock?!!!!