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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Misfits gang

    Chapter one
 Vanessa slammed the door, and yelled,"I already DID!" She heard a mutter, and waited. Satisfied that the crazy landlord after her blood was gone, she turned and walked away, and flopped on the couch. She sighed into the pillow. Her tiny apartment would soon be gone, as she had avoided paying rent for over 3 months. She had to admit, she had gone this far. But her landlord had finally stomped up to her apartment, flat-footed and furious. After several days of screaming, hysterics, and the 8 year old girl next door calling them idiots, he finally threatened to shut down her power and water. So she was forced to live with her aunt for a while. She wasn't looking foward to this, as her aunt disapproved of a 19, almost 20, year old girl living by herself in London. But Vanessa had lived by herself for almost 3 years, and she appreciated it much better then living with her parents, who had died last year. She had left at about 18, and picked the one apartment where the landlord was to stupid to deny a not even 18 year old girl the apartment of her choice. She had worked at various places since then, but had lost her job about 4 months ago. So she had no money to pay for her apartment, and had taken to living off buffets, paying and not even bothering to sit down, just shoveling food into take out boxes and walking out fast.
  Her stomach rumbeled, so she looked down at it and frowned, as if that would somehow help. With a groan and a push, she got up, and walked over to the fridge. Before she opened it, she saw something out the window, and glanced at it. She frowned, furrowed her brows, and looked closer. There was a man outside, standing behind her house, watching. Blinking, she left her stomach to growl, and went to walk out the door. But it wouldn't budge. Then she heard a scream. She spun around and whipped her head around. There was no one there. She shoved the door more frantically. It still wouldn't budge. She pounded her fists against it, but that just made it more firm, if possible. Then she heard another scream, and she lost her head completely. Just as she was about to slam a lamp into the window, when it burst open in an explosion of glass. She screamed and jumped back, and a man about her age with collosal muscles straightened up, looked at her, and said,"Is there anyone else here?" He looked down at her lamp and cracked a smile,"What were you going to do with that?" She gaped at him, and he whipped his head towards the window. He muttered,"Oh, hell." She was about to ask what the hell was going on, when he charged at her. She screamed again and he swept her up off her feet, and charged towards the window. They both jumped out the window and he leaped off the banister, and she shrieked as the plummeted toward the cheap garden below.
  She squirmed in his strong grasp and he looked down at her. "Put me DOWN!" She gasped. He shruged, and dropped her. She glared, and propped herself up by the elbows. "I didn't mean like that." Then she screamed as her house was devoured in red-hot flames, swallowing it whole. She leaped up, and shoved the stranger. He looked at her,"What?" She screamed,"Thats my house!" He raised his hands wide,"I just saved your life, and your pushing me?" She tilted her head, her eyebrows low and her eyes wide,"Yes! Ugh!" And she raised her hand, hesitated, then slapped his arm. He raised an eyebrow,"Um...Ow?" She glared, then said,"How'd you know my house was going to light on fire?" He slapped a hand to his forehead,"Damn!" He snatched her hand and dragged her around the house, to where she saw the man watching her apartment. She dragged her feet into the soil, but he pulled her just as easily, so she made two lines in the dirt where her feet where. He let go of her hand, and looked around,"Where'd he go?" She frowned,"Who, the guy?" He looked at her, his eyes narrowing,"You know him?" She crossed her arms,"No, I just saw him outside my house." He frowned to himself, and she lost her temper,"Who the hell are you!" He scoweled at her,"Calm down. Im Ezekiel." Ezekiel rubbed his forehead with his hand, and looked at her,"You have to come with me." She laughed  scornfully,"The hell I do!" He pursed his lips, and shrugged. He swept her up and threw her over his shoulder. Vanessa pounded on his back as he walked away from the apartment complex. She shrieked,"Put me down!"
  After the first 30 minutes of walking, she heard his voice,"Are you going to behave?" She glared at his back and muttered,"Fine." He swung her down, and she crossed her arms bitterly,"You can't just carry people wherever you please! Its rude, for one thing. Deeply un-settling, for another." He grinned,"Sorry. I don't usually have to." She looked around,"Where are we?" He crossed his thick arms over his broad chest, and looked at her,"You act like you aren't from London at all." She stared,"What do you mean--Oh." She had turned around, and saw the massive clock known as Big Ben behind her. She looked at him, and said,"Your insane. Why are we here?" He didn't reply, but his eyes glinted in a way she immediately didn't trust. She backed away,"What are you think-" But he rushed her and swept her up, and she screamed in frustration. "Really?! This is mature!" He walked up to the  side of the clock, looked around, the pressed his hand against one of the tiles. It sank in, and fell down with a clatter. There was a small square hole in its place, and he yelled through it,"Hey!" He dropped Vanessa down with a clunk and an eye peered through the whole. "Oh. Its you." The eye disappeared, and a large gap swung open, like a door. Revealing two tall, gangly boys around the age of 17 staring at Vanessa. They were obviously twins, every feature looked identical to the other.
  They had dark brown hair, freckles, and boyish faces. Their bright green eyes gleamed with mischief, and their pale pink lips opened in a grin. They both raised their eyebrows, and looked at Eziekiel. The one to the right spoke,"Well, haven't you had fun. Jason's gonna' flip, he hasn't seen a new pretty face since august." Eziekiel scoweled, and swiped at the twins, who dodged it. He rumbled,"Shut it." Vanessa blinked, her eyes adjusting to the darkness, and stepped in. She whispered,"This is so illegal."
"Ya, well, have you heard stories of rambunctious teenagers living in a giant clock?", came the voice of one of the twins.
They walked farther in, and instead of gears and pulleys, she saw what looked like a living room. There was a pretty hispanic hispanic girl lounging on a red couch, and a handsome, dark haired boy leaning against the wall opposite of her. The twins cleared their throat, and both people turned and looked at Vanessa. The boys eyes dipped down to her toes, back up to her head appreciatively. The girls eyes narrowed, and looked at Eziekiel. "Oh, so you can have a girlfriend, and I can't have a boyfriend?" The other boy's eyes stopped raking Vanessa, and narrowed almost exactly the same,"Girlfriend? Damn." Eziekiel growled,"Calm down. She's not my girlfriend." The twins grinned and muttered to themselves,"Ooh, this is going to be fun. I can feel it."


  1. WOW Viv! Great story! :D I had fun reading this! I love it!
    I gotta tell you though, I would not mind being in Vanessa's position. Being swung over a strong man's shoulder...*gets a doopy love sick expression on face*