" To let love into your heart, is as if to let magic into your soul"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chapter Eleven

         Talking to Eziekiel turned out to be as easy as breathing. They exchanged jokes, and eye rolls, and they laughed half the way to the store. At one point of the walk, Vanessa had to pause, because she was shaking with laughter. Eziekiel had ended up falling down to, watching her twitch in completely silent giggles. But now, they peered through the glass. He nodded, and they walked into the small little shop.
         While Eziekiel talked to the skinny man behind he counter, Vanessa played with the keys handing on the door, the sparkle distracting her. But while she was close to the door, she saw something catch her eye. A boy, around her age, maybe older, was running. He looked like he was in pain, and he was clutching his forehead. Curiosity killed the cat, she thought over in her head. But she ignored it, and slid out of the shop. Once she was out, the snatches of yells reached her ears.
           She ran to the last place she saw the boy, hoping beyond hope Eziekiel wouldn't notice her absence. Once she reached the alley wall, she peeked her head around the corner. A man was holding the boy she saw to the wall, holding a gun to his head. She ran into the alley, and shouted,"Hey!"
            They both looked over at her in surprise, and the older man grinned. She saw dark holes in places his teeth should of been. He spoke, his voice terribly raspy,"Well hello there, sweetheart." She had no idea what to do now. He could easily shoot the boy, then turn the gun on her and that'd be it. Her plan was not going well so far.
              The man shoved the boy into the wall, and he fell in a heap to the floor. Rubbing his head, he stumbled up, swaying to his feet. The man leered at Vanessa, and prowled closer. She backed away, but suddenly there was a man behind her that defintley not there before. She froze. What do you do now, Vanessa!, Said a small voice in her ear. But she had no answer, and she felt the coming wave of paralysis. The man behind her grinned, his hot breath sweeping along her ear. The man's wicked grin in front of her, however, slid off his face as the boy behind him leaped on him.
                 Vanessa went to run, but the man behind her yanked her arm, and she cried out. He wrapped to arms around her middle, and kept her on the wall. She squirmed and wiggled, but every time she did he laughed, her efforts amusing him. Meanwhile, the boy who saved her was wrestling with the man on the floor. They didn't seem like they would part anytime soon, so she was stuck there. With no use of her arms, and no other options, she spit on him.
                 He snarled and threw her on the floor. Wiping his face, he slammed a boot to her stomach, trapping her there while she gasped and spluttered, air rushing out of her.
                  But then the boot lifted, and she looked up to see Eziekiel wrapping a thick arm around the man's neck. He tossed him aside as if nothing more then a feather, and looked at Vanessa with wild, anxious eyes. She coughed,"Help....Him." And Eziekiel looked up, just in time to see the boy flying into his face. They both fell, and before Vanessa could help them up, two sweaty hands gripped her jaw and pulled her up. He wrapped an arm around her torso, and held something cold and heavy to her temple.
                  "Nobody move, or I'll kill little miss hero over here."
                    Eziekiel went to move forward, but the boy put his arm out to stop him,"Don't," he said,"He'll do it. I know he will." Eziekiel watched Vanessa, and growled,"What the hell?" Vanessa gave him a yeah-sorry-about-that look, and whispered,"Sorry. I saw him, and I came over....." Eziekiel narrowed his eyes,"And why didn't you get me?" She shrugged,"It was a spur-of-the-moment decision." Then the man bopped the side of her mouth, and said,"No talking." Eziekiel snarled.
                      She tasted blood trickle down her lips, and then everything happened very fast. Eziekiel pounced forward, and the man-not expecting a move like that-let go of Vanessa to protect himself. Grabbing Vanessa, he pulled her to his side, and said shortly,"Were leaving. Now." The man glared, but nodded all the same. As Eziekiel turned to leave, Vanessa tugged on his sleeve,"What about him," she whispered. Eziekiel glared at her, but turned to the man reluctantly. "What do you want for him? I got cash." The man gave a lopsided grin, that gave Vanessa chills.
"Her." Was all he said.
                     Eziekiel scowled,"No deal." Vanessa creeped behind him as slowly as he could. Hoping that the man wouldn't watch her, she hid behind Eziekiel. Once the two started talking again, Vanessa crouched down and felt the ground, until her hand came in contact with a jagged edge. She gripped it, and slowly got up. Peeking through Eziekiel's arms, she watched the man talk, aimed, and...BAM!
                   The rock hit his skull, and he fell to the floor with a clatter. They all whipped around to stare at her, and she smiled.

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