" To let love into your heart, is as if to let magic into your soul"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Misfits Gang

          Chapter 8, There's magic in the air.
    Jason go up slowly, red in the face. He gaped at the Twins. "What. The. HELL." Eziekiel nodded shakily,"Exactly what I was thinking." The Twins were leaning against the wall, still pale and shuddering. Vanessa retracted her gaze from Ivory, part of the reason being Ivory looked like she would like nothing more then to chop off Vanessa's head at that moment. She watched Savannah and Eziekiel exchange looks as if they were talking to each other thoughts. It made Vanessa realize how no matter how close she felt, she was still the outsider in this little ragamuffin crew. She had only been there for a day, and the way Savannah looked at her, she felt it was because they didn't want to ruin the chance that Eziekiel had brought home an actual girl.
    Thinking about this made Vanessa's eyes flicker to him. She didn't know how she felt about him, mostly because he was still just a stranger. Granted, a stranger that saved her life, but still.....It felt as if she was back to being 13, and this was just a crush, nothing more to be expected from it. Was it a crush to Eziekiel? Did he even care about her that way, and was she crazy for thinking about it? Maybe it was just to soon, they only met yesterday. But it was hard not to fancy Eziekiel, when he was just so fanciable.
     Then she heard a voice, and she snapped out of her reverie. Eziekiel was watching her, his lips were moving, but she just hadn't caught the words. He repeated himself,"What are you looking at?"
      Her eyes shot downwards, a terrible blush rising in her cheeks. "Nothing," she mumbled. He looked away, and her eyes rose. They were all watching the Twins carefully, and everybody seemed to be trying to figure out what to say. Finally Vanessa broke the silence,"So. That just happened."
      But when the Twins looked at her, all her attempts at amusement drifted away. She saw everything she felt that night in Florida, fear and shock and panic, all mixed into one terrible concoction. Eziekiel spoke up,"Ok. Um...Ok. Lets think this through....There is obviously magic. Magic....Uh....Magic. So....I think-and don't freak out- we should go to Ireland. Like the man said." Ivory looked up,"What, and leave London!" Eziekiel was unfazed by her fury,"Exactly." He said calmly,"That's usually what '"Leave to Ireland"' means, Ivory." At this, Ivory gave a shriek of rage and threw her hands in the air,"Come on! Everything's changing, just because this," She said a rude name so loud that Eziekiel yelled out,"Oi!" She continued,"Is changing everything! Now were getting into fights, and turning into bears, and now were thinking of going to Ireland!? This is ridiculous!" Vanessa glared at her, because she had hit a soft spot. Pointing out that it was Vanessa's fault they were all changing, hit her hard. But she didn't say anything, and Eziekiel replied coldly,"Correction. We are going to Ireland. You can come, but either way, I'm going. And so is Vanessa. Anyone else that wants to join me is welcome." No one had to say anything to know that everyone was going to join him, even Ivory. She just glared.
         Savannah cleared her throat,"And I think we should go as soon as possible." But Jason cut in,"No offense, but how are we going to afford seven plane tickets?" Eziekiel smiled wickedly, and his hand flicked to his pocket. Savannah sounded disapproving,"Oh no, Eziekiel." He grinned, and pulled out a wallet. Stuffed to the brim with cash. Vanessa gasped,"Where did you get that!?" Eziekiel looked at her, and his grin broadened,"Whoever paid that guy at the shack, he paid him well." Vanessa grinned, catching on. The Twins seemed back to their usual selves,"Nice!" They high-fived.
          Savannah sighed and shook her head,"Oh Lord. Help us all."

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