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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Misfits Gang

                     Chapter five
         "Punch him again, Eziekiel."
        "Do not punch me again, Eziekiel!", came the mans hasty reply. But Eziekiels heavy fist came ramming forward anyway, and snapped back the crazy man's head. With a groan, he swung his head in the right place, and glared at them all.
         Savannah was huddled in the corner, Ivory cleaning her wound with a cloth, and the Twins, Jason, and Vanessa were crowded around the psychotic man's form, who was sitting against the wall, Eziekiels large hands on either shoulder.
         The Twins and Vanessa were watching as Jason asked the man questions, while Eziekiel kicked and punched when asked. He seemed to be rather enjoying his job, if you asked Vanessa. Finally, Jason asked the question that had been nagging Vanessa all the while.
"Why do you want Vanessa?"
The man bared his gleaming, sharp little teeth at her, and The Twins glared at him. "Ask her," he spat.
They all looked at her, eyebrows raised, but Vanessa shrugged. She hadn't the faintest idea what he meant by that, and her curiosity was getting the best of her, so she said,"What are you talking about?"
         His mouth pursed, and for a moment he looked puzzled. Then his face cleared, and the most unpleasant grin spread. He cackled,"You mean to tell me, you don't even know?" He looked from either of their bewildered faces, and cackled louder. "None of you brats?" Ivory and Savannah looked over.  Ivory looked at Vanessa, dislike etched on her milky face, and looked at Jason. He shrugged, and turned back to the cackling man. "Either tell us what you mean and become useful, or Ez will punch your lights out." The laughing died down, and his eyes narrowed, the grin still wide on his face. He looked straight at Vanessa,"Looks aren't everything, obviously. I thought you were smart?" Eziekiel snarled softly, and brought his knee up to the mans ear. Hard.
          That wiped the grin off his face, for he whipped his head back and growled,"Fine, fine, Blondie!" He sighed, and looked at Jason,"I'm not supposed to say. Frankly, i'm not even that sure why he wants her dead, just-" But Vanessa cut him off hurriedly,"Who?" The man's dark amber eyes slid back to her menacingly,"My boss. Don't ask me who, girl, he just pays my checks. He's got half of London going after you," he added darkly. She crossed her arms,"Then why haven't I been attacked before?" The man blinked,"Just turned 20?" Vanessa raised an eyebrow,"Excuse me?" He sighed impatiently, and snapped,"Your age."
He frowned, and murmured,"Then he obviously doesn't want you to know, which he succeeded in. I just wonder why.." he trailed off, thinking to himself. Ivory flitted over, and Vanessa jumped when her sharp voice spat;
"If half of London's after her, she did something. Either she doesn't realize it, or she's lying." The Twins rolled their eyes together,"Yeah, Ivory, 'cause she's dangerous." Ivory glared at them, and Jason looked at the man on the floor,"Why is everyone looking after Vanessa?"
The mans grin returned, and he spoke, his voice full of reproach,"You fool's never heard of magic, have you?"
         The silence was absolute, then the Twins burst out laughing. Even Ivory cracked a hard smile.
"Your bonkers. Magic?", came Eziekiel's voice, but Vanessa didn't laugh, or even smile. Her thoughts had turned cold, as she revisited 4 years ago in her head.
          She had been visiting Florida, and hadn't realized what a bad part of the state she was in. 17 years wasn't quite ready for night visits, she had realized, as she walked down the dark road that led to her hotel. She remembered the jeers, the hard hands trying to grab her, but as fear had developed her, something amazing had happened. The men trying to gang up on her had flown back before anything else could happen, and she remembered watching them with wide eyes, as they flew into the hard brick wall opposite of her. She had quickly flew back home, fear of what she had done suffocating her. For 3 years, almost 4, she had locked the memory up in her mind, refusing to think about it anymore.
        But now she gazed at the man with wide eyes, and he stared into hers. She believed him, and terror turned her body cold, making her stiff. What if she had done that. What if she was different? The man on the floor seemed to feel her fear at his truth, and turned smug. "Told you," was all her murmured. Eziekiel stared at Vanessa, eyebrows low. "Vanessa? Is something wrong?"
She looked at him, her eyes still wide with terror. "I don't think he's lying, Eziekiel."

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