" To let love into your heart, is as if to let magic into your soul"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Misfits Gang

             Chapter six
     If Vanessa thought the silence before was immense, it didn't compare to the one now. Jason stared at her, his eyebrows raised. Then, finally, Ivory broke the silence with a sharp,"It's official. Your crazy," in Vanessa's direction. But Vanessa ignored her, and watched Eziekiel carefully. Bewilderment crossed his face. He spoke hesitantly, as if fearing her sanity,"Vanessa, you can't honestly believe that." She didn't answer, just blinked slowly, and then looked towards the man on the floor. He raised an eyebrow,"So, what have you done that you've never told anyone about? You must have been pretty pissed. Or scared."
"Shut up." Was all Vanessa shot his way. But he was right. She was terrified that night. But it was nothing compared to the terror she felt after, when she feared she was losing it. But, she had decided it must of been a wind trick, and flew home as quick as she could.
    Eziekiel cleared his throat, and said,"What's he talking about, Vanessa?"
She almost blushed. She didn't want to tell any of them, about any of the things that happened that night, but she didn't need to. As she went to stammer an excuse, the man on the floor lazily slurred,"She did something she had no control of, when she was scared." Vanessa looked at him. How had he known that? He continued,"So, judging by the expression on your pretty little face, I ain't lying." Ivory threw her hands in the air,"Well, you have to tell us now." Jason nodded,"She's got a point. This scum," he nudged the man with his shoe,"Isn't going to tell us anything worth while. You obviously know what he's talking about. Spit it out."
   But Savannah came to her rescue,"If it's her business, she doesn't need to tell us. But Vanessa, we do want to know if you believe him. That would help." Vanessa looked at her, hesitated, and swallowed. Then, she nodded tentatively,"Yeah. I believe him." Was she crazy? Was Ivory right? Or was this man, this stranger who tried to strangle her, right? Was it her who made those men flew back that night?
   Eziekiel stared, and the man on the floor cackled suddenly. He pointed his chin at the Twins, who stiffened. "These two. I'll bet all my money and clothes that these two can show you tonight. Ican feel the magic in these ones." Ivory narrowed her eyes,"Crazy. The both of you." Ouch. That one stung.
    But the Twins were frozen, and it was obvious they were scared. They didn't think Vanessa was crazy, for which she was grateful, so they were scared there might be an inkling of truth in his words. Savannah spoke, and her usually kind voice was filled with reproach,"Lets leave, Ez. We can talk about it at home." Eziekiel didn't move, so Savannah tugged on his sleeve,"Come on," she urged. Finally, he moved, tearing his eyes away from the man to look at Savannah. He nodded, and the gang started to move back. But Vanessa hesitated. She looked at the crazy man, and he winked,"You'll see. But don't worry, you won't get bored. Soon, there's gonna' be fighters all over you, and your new little crew of rebels." He nodded at the gang, and Eziekiels voice cut out,"We can handle ourselves. Come on, Vanessa." Ivory looked furious.
    They walked out, Vanessa staring at the backs of the twins, wondering what everyone else must be wondering. Were the twins really going to change tonight?

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