" To let love into your heart, is as if to let magic into your soul"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chapter 10

       (Writers note: From now on, the title is going to be the Chapter number. You all obviously know its still the Misfits.....Hopefully)
        Simon Chance tapped his foot to the beat of the music, resting his arm on his knee. His raggedy, filthy jeans made a dark spot on his arm, but he didn't mind. He was quite used to it. The radio in front of him crackled, and he made a face. Sighing, he stretched forward to twiddle with the dials, until it stopped crackling. He leaned back again, and just was getting comfortable, the beat of the music thrumming through him, the warm wall heating him up, when he heard a yell.
       He froze, his foot stopping its rhythmic tapping. When he heard the second yell, he moved, but it wasn't to the music. He leaped up, sprinting away, but looked over his shoulder, just to make sure. He was right. Of course he was.
        The source of the noise chased after him, his other friends trailing behind to kick his beloved radio to pieces. He puffed, and forced himself to run even faster. The guy didn't have a hope. He was about to make it to the edge of the alley, when--WHAM!
         Another guy had jumped from the top of the building-which wasn't quite a feat, considering it was almost 8 feet-and landed right on Simon. He screamed a million curses in his mind, but all he could do was topple as the dead weight smacked into him. Rolling over, he got a good look at the crazy man sitting on him. A lewd grin was plastered on his face, and Simon wriggled. Setting his arm free, he grabbed a fistful of the mas hair and pulled him aside, and he leaped up, making to run away again.
         But his chaser was caught up enough to grab a wrinkle in his shirt, and yanked Simon forward. He cursed, and toppled into the man. They both fell. But the man got up quicker, and he jammed the black gun onto Simons forehead. He froze. The metal was cold, and solid, and he knew if he tried to run the man would thumb back the trigger without another thought. So he didn't move, his eyes on the man the whole time. The man grinned, and Simon counted 3 missing teeth. Probably punched out of his mouth.
         "I should kill you." His voice was terribly raspy, hoarse. It was as if he had just finished screaming. Which, could be perfectly true. It was like a car running over shards of glass, the terrible screech of an object dying, beyond repair. If this man had a soul, it was long gone by now. It couldn't be returned, after the crap he'd done to him, to his mother. The thought flared his anger, making his eyes flash. The man just grinned. He thumbed back the trigger, and Simon closed his eyes.
        When Vanessa woke up, it wasn't a pleasant thing. Her ribs ached, and she inwardly was in awe at how easily sore she became. She most probably had deep blotches on her waist. Jason gripping them didn't help much, either. But either way, she yanked herself up. Running her hand along the smooth wooden edge of the dresser, she wondered briefly in Savannah would mind if she picked out an outfit without her supervision. She pulled open the drawer anyways, and sifted through various pieces of clothing articles. Picking out a random pair of stormy grey sweatpants, and a dark purple tank top, she slid them on. She had to roll up the sweatpants, which was odd, seeing as she was taller than Savannah.
        When she walked out of the room, she was greeted with the strong smell of smoke. She heard Eziekiel yell,"You idiot!" And ran over to the kitchen to see what had happened. Jason had knocked over a bottle of oil, and the frying pan lit into flames. Succeeding in burning his nose, he jumped around, cursing. Eziekiel, on the other hand, was trying to calm the flames by fanning them frantically with a towel. The whole scene made Vanessa giggle.
         At her laugh, they had looked over, and Eziekiel paused in fanning the flames. They took the chance eagerly, and shot up again. Right into Eziekiel's arm. He yelled and whipped his arm back. She rolled her eyes, and walked forward, grabbing a glass of ice water on the way. Throwing the water down with a splash, the flames sizzled, and died out. Eziekiel stared at her, still gripping his arm.
"How'd you do that?"
         She shrugged. "3 years of living by myself." He smiled faintly, and looked down at his arm again. She grabbed his hand, and pulled the arm away from his chest gently, examining it. His hand felt hot, drastically hot, but she surmised it was from the flames. She whistled slowly. "Nice. Got yourself good." She looked up, and his eyes blinked, and she could of swore he almost blushed. But he didn't, and she tried to ignore the fact she was disappointed.
              "Got a first aid kit?" He cleared his throat, and looked away,"Uh, yeah. Over there." She figured he meant the second cabinet to the left, for his chin was pointed in that direction. So she reached up on her tip-toes, and tried to snatch the handle, but she was to short. She frowned at him,"Why are they so high?" He snorted,"They're not high. Your just a shortie." Scowling, she hopped up and sat on the counter top, and opened the cabinet. "We eat their, you know." Vanessa shot him a smile,"Yeah, but apparently I'm a shortie. So you can think about your words, while you wipe the counter tops."
               She looked around the white little compartment, and saw a small little box. She opened it, and rummaged through it, rifling through the stacks of band-aids, creams, and ointments. Finding the burn cream, she pushed the cabinet door closed with her head. She hopped back down, staggered a little, but found her footing. Unscrewing the small little top, she dabbed some of the cream on Eziekiel's arm. He stared determinedly at his arm, then mumbled,"Thanks."
              There was an indignant cry beside them, and Jason pointed to his nose,"What, I don't get any?" Vanessa scowled deeply, her cheeks reddening as the memory's of the last time she had seen Jason sprang up in her mind. Eziekiel caught her scowl, and whipped the tube from Vanessa's hand. "Yeah. Here." He dolloped some on the tip of Jason's nose, and Jason scowled, wiping off the cream hurriedly.
               Eziekiel laughed, and walked out of the kitchen. She followed him, not wanting to be alone with Jason, and he said,"Well, I'm going." Savannah looked up from her perch in the couch,"Why?" Eziekiel raised his eyebrows,"Well, I have to rent a car, and buy plane tickets." Savannah opened her mouth, then closed it, and nodded. "OK. Hurry." Eziekiel strode over to the hallway with the exit, and Vanessa quickly followed him,"You have a license?" He looked at her,"Yeah. We all do, except for the Twins." He reached the door, and paused,"Well....Uh. Bye." But she held the door shut,"Can I come?"
               Part of it was because she didn't fancy being alone with Ivory and Jason, but most of it was because the image of her and Eziekiel alone was to much to resist.
               He blinked, surprised, and shrugged,"Sure."
               Trying not to grin, she swept out of the clock with him, leaving it shrinking slowly in the distance, as they walked to find the nearest Car Rental store.


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  2. ~grins~
    I love it!
    You're making it REALLY good. I just want to read more and more :D

  3. Thanks Sky! First time writing a semi/romance. So i'm completely clueless.
    It's mad fun! xD