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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Misfits Gang

               Chapter seven, When the lights go out.
       The man put the sleek black phone down gently, and closed his eyes. "So," he whispered, but his voice carried to everyone's ears easily,"It seems our plan isn't going to be nearly as easy as I thought it would be. The girl, Vanessa, seems to have come in contact with a pair of boys. A pair of boys about to reach the Surge. Magic might be in her grasp quickly. We can't let her discover her own magic without my supervision." The man to his left spoke out,"So what do we do, Master?" 
"We kill the others." He said it easily, as if killing a group of children was a daily hobby, nothing more. "But there are others, others going after her. Some might even be from the Ministry. We can not let her reach the Ministry's grasp. Do not dissapoint me."
          Vanessa sat on the edge of the couch, terse and stiff. No one had spoken, not even Ivory. She stood, and six pairs of his flickered to her. She clenched her fists behind her back, fighting the blush at the attention, and spoke,"Look. What if he's right? What if something is going to happen tonight?"
"Don't be ridiculous," snapped Ivory. She continued,"He was probably just on drugs."
 "Well, look at the facts. Someone tried to burn down Vanessa's house. Another, tried to strangle her. There's obviously some reason they want her." Jason pointed out. Ivory blinked, moved by the truth of his words, trying to find an angle to fight from. She found one. "Well, then, we need to know what she did!" Savannah opened her mouth to argue, but Vanessa burst out,"Look, it was 3 years ago! If it is because of that, why are they coming after me now?" I
            Ivory crossed her arms, and smirked. She had gotten it out. Now they all knew there was something. "What happened 3 years ago." It didn't even sound like a question. Ivory was going to keep this up until Vanessa told them all. So she clenched her jaw, and hurried through her words,"I was 17, I was in Florida, I was scared, I made something happen." Of course. The reactions she feared, flew through everybody's face, even Ivory lost her smirk. She looked down at her feet.
"What did you do?", came Jason's voice. He sounded shaken, getting worried. Vanessa opened her mouth, and out came the words,"Imadesomeguysfly."
            Ivory pursed her lips,"Sorry?" Vanessa gritted her teeth, and snapped her head up," I made. Some guys. Fly." Ivory snorted, but she was the only one. Eric number one gnashed his teeth together angrily,"You asked, and she answered. Stop being a git, Ivory." Ivory raised her dark eyes to him, full of daring,"Excuse me?" She said dangerously.
          "Stop. Being. Such. A. Jerk." Eric was red in the face now, and Vanessa was shocked to see how angry he was getting. Eric 2 was copying him, flushing furiously. Everyone else stared. Ivory looked taken aback. It was obvious the Twins never acted like this. Ivory caught herself, and snarled,"I wasn't talking to you anyways." That did it. The Twins started shaking in anger, and before Savannah could calm the situation, as she was about to do, something happened. The twin both seemed to explode, and when they reappeared, it wasn't their freckled-selves. It was two full-sized, snarling bears. Jason leaped away with a scream of profanities, and Eziekiel jumped. Ivory screamed, and Savannah yelled out a stream of Spanish words, none of which Vanessa could understand. Vanessa, on the other hand watched with wide eyes. The bears seemed to catch their reactions, and looked down. With a yelp, and a bang, the two gangly boys appeared in a heap. Their faces pale and sweaty, tangled over each other. Savannah ran forward and helped them to their feet.
             Vanessa crossed her arms smugly, and threw a huge smirk in Ivory's direction. "Ha. in your face." Ivory looked mutinous.


  1. Dude, this is REALLY awesome! Brilliant plot and story! I can't WAIT for the next part! :D

  2. LOL, thanks Skyril! Don't know how I would keep writing if I didn't have all your lot's support!

  3. Oh, and if a giant coconut did happen to fall on my head, would you be so kind as to feed my invisible fish? xD