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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Misfits Gang

          Chapter 9, That look in your eye
      Jason watched as Vanessa glided out of the room, and he could almost feel her hesitancy. The things Ivory said hurt her, he could tell. Eziekiel watched Jason's eyes, which were following Vanessa's shapely figure drift out with desire, and burst out angrily,"Take a picture, prat, it'll last longer." Jason tore his eyes away from her and looked at Eziekiel. Jason grinned at him and winked. He bowed out of the way, and guestured his hands in Vanessa's direction,"She's all yours." Eziekiel glared, but didn't move. It was obvious, he was to embaressed to actually do it, and Jason slipped out, and shot Eziekiel a wink over his shoulder. "Sorry, buddy. But the timer ran out." And he walked down the hall laughing.
       Vanessa closed her bedroom door softly, and turned around with a sigh. She laid on the bed, considered changing, then decided she was to tired to get up. Her waist ached from when the huge man had grabbed her, and her mind was exhausted. She slipped under the covers and was about to close her eyes when a soft knock rapped on the door. She sat up, blinking, and her mind ran through a list of possibilities. But the one that mattered was the first one, so she brushed a hand through her hair self consciously, and her heart thudded. But she scolded herself. She called out,"Come in," And instead of the strong figure of Eziekiel, it was the dark form of Jason. She sank back, disappointed. He smiled,"Hi." She returned one wanly, and blinked,"So...uh...What do you want?" It was hard to say those words without sounding rude, she realized a little to late. He didn't seem to mind though, as he slipped deeper into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked into her bright green eyes, and said,"I just wanted to explain why Ivory's so rough. I felt you had a right to know."
        Woah. Vanessa was not expecting that. She raised an eyebrow, and said,"Go on." He smiled, and looked down at his hands,"Well, when we found Ivory, it was just Me and Eziekiel. Then she came, and she wasn't even close  to the way she was now. Her hair was long, and curly, and black. She didn't have piercings. She was thin, drastically thin, and it seemed like the only expression on her face was nervous. It took her a while to start to get comfortable around us, when she started to believe that we weren't going to suddenly start beating her or something." Vanessa stared at him,"Why was she nervous," she said softly. His smile faded somewhat, and he said,"We found out that she was on the list for Child Services. Her dad....Her dad started doing drugs. He got addicted. When he couldn't pay...He gave them his daughter. His only daughter. Ivory. You can imagine...You can imagine what they did to her."
       Vanessa stared at him in horror. Her stomach lurched in disgust, and bile rose in her throat. "Thats...Thats horrible." She whispered. He nodded,"She started to trust us. She started to become more confident. To you, Ivory may seem scary, and prideful, and self-assured. But really, she clings to this group like her lifeline. It's all she has. If she didn't have us, what would happen? Her story is a sad one." Vanessa blinked, then curiousity got the better of her. She whispered,"Whats your story?" Jason blinked quickly, excited. He probably thought this was her way of flirting. He spoke softly, leaning a tiny bit closer, and spoke. His cold breath blew on her face. "When I lived with my parents, everything was great. Then, my mom died. That...That changed my dad. Made him snap. He loved my mother. He started being cruel to me, treating me like a pet, nothing more. I got sick of it. I left." By the time he had stopped speaking, his body was an inch away from hers. She felt uncomfortable. She tried to inch away but guilt washed over her.
       His story was so sad, and from the sound of it, it was as if he was loved deprived. He probably clung to Savannah tightly, for she treated everyone with such compassion. She couldn't just reject him. So it left her stranded there, not knowing what to do, as he leaned even closer. Finally, his lips touched hers, and her thoughts turned frantic. What do you do, Vanessa!, said the little voice in her head. But no thought sprang to mind, so she sat there, uncomfortable, as his lips pressed harder on hers. He was either a really great actor, or it would be devastating to him for her to pull away. She figured out which one he was when his hand slipped to her waist. Damn, she thought. His other hand wrapped around her waist, and an alarm beeped off in her head.
         So she pressed her head back, and their lips separated. She whispered,"Uh...Jason-" But before she could say anything else, he pressed against her again. This time, he threw all caution to the winds as his lips danced open, trying to wrench her's open. But she stuck to her guns, and decided to throw herself back. Drastically wrong move.
         Instead of separating himself from her, he went on top of her, but that was it. She opened her eyes angrily, and rolled away. He sat up, his eyes bright, but her's narrowed. "Don't do that again. Ever." He got up, and she took a step back. He winked,"No promises." She scowled, and pointed at the door. He shrugged, and out he went.

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  1. Grrrr.....I actually scowled as I wrote this xD
    I like Vaziekiel better than Janessa